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HJC motorcycle helmets are “#1 in the World.” With attention to quality, design, and functionality HJC helmets have become well-recognized in the United States and in countries across the globe. HJC began in 1971. Working exclusively in the helmet business HJC managed to perfect motorcycle helmet technology. With full-face street helmets and off road helmets, HJC has every type of style that you are searching for.

HJC Helmet

HJC Helmet History

The HJC brand has been in business since 1971. The company has specialized in the construction of safe helmets and have offered reasonable pricing for the brand. The company has been making helmets for security and safety from the first day of distribution. Over the years with the expansion of technology; it has allowed the company to embark on new improves measures of helmet testing. The HJC brand has been improving the helmets that they make on a regular basis and are coming up with new designs for better performance. The brand has been changing and excelling at improvements throughout the years. The one thing that has not changed since the doors opened on the company, was the affordability that it has maintained for over 40 years.

HJC Helmets are classified as the number one helmet on the market for various reasons. One of which being their safety rating thanks to their extensive testing procedures within the labs. They have multiple testing labs on their facilities all over the world to produce some of the best HJC helmets possible. HJC Helmets is one of the only companies that are equipped with their own wind tunnel testing facility located on site to ensure their HJC helmets are gone through extensive testing in aerodynamics, ventilation, noise reduction, and much, much more! They have 3 HJC helmet factories that are located in three different countries: Korea, China, and Vietnam. All of which provide a strategic venue to understand how to improve their line of helmets.

They are able to produce, test, and ensure their helmets are the perfect choice for high end, mid-range, and entry level riders. They are able to reduce the weight and increase the structural rigidity by utilizing our world’s highest quality materials, technological advancements, and human minds to provide riders with one of the highest demanded brands of helmets in the world.

HJC Helmet Features

The HJC brand has many great features that customer enjoys. The helmets are made of quality material that is durable and safe. The helmets are comfortable to wear. The inside of the helmet is padding which protects the head and offers a softer effect. Many of the different styles offer venting for proper air flow. The unique design of each helmet allows it to stand out from any other helmet on the market. The helmet is adjustable for a snug and enhanced fit. The features are extremely important to every HJC brand that is made because it provides customers with an adequate and secure helmet.

Safety is the number one concern that HJC takes seriously. The helmets that are made have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that customers are purchasing a safe and secure helmet. The testing of helmets is completed in two forms. The first form of testing is the real life safety of the helmet. The second testing is completed in a laboratory to provide high-quality assurance for each product. Helmet safety is extremely important because if provides protection to the head, which can prevent severe injury from occurring. Helmet safety should not be overlooked because of the damage that could occur without wearing one. Helmets have been known to save lives and prevent traumatic injury. It is not a risk that should be considered when riding.


HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets has been in business since 1971, and the company designs and manufactures nothing but motorcycle helmets. This level of experience and focus has resulted in HJC's success in markets all over the world. HJC Helmets offers innovation, experience, and reasonable price points that together make it an industry powerhouse.

HJC Helmets offer the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and value—and their loyal customers prove it. In fact, HJC helmets consistently place on lists of best helmets and helmet brands around the world, cementing the brand's position among experienced riders who know what they like.

HJC Motorcycle Helmets

HJC Helmets is at the forefront of modern helmet manufacturing. This brand is committed to quality assurance and testing both under real world and laboratory conditions. HJC Helmets has its own state of the art laboratory, including an actual wind tunnel for testing. Each HJC helmet model is subject to a battery of tests so it can be assessed for aerodynamics, noise reduction, ventilation, and safety.

Trust HJC for full face helmet options that are both extremely tough and very lightweight. The shells of HJC helmets are created with lightweight materials and feature a patent pending center locking mechanism. HJC keeps innovating and coming up with more, creating new designs that are affordable, comfortable, safe, and stylish.


HJC created a real tour de force in the Iron Man motorcycle helmet. Any Marvel fan is going to love the comfort and the superior, lightweight fit provided by this advanced polycarbonate composite shell were made possible by very advanced CAD technology and the design tech skill of the HJC team.

The Iron Man motorcycle helmet also offers the wearer a better face shield—the optically-superior Pinlock 100% Max Vision 3D design offers anti-scratch coating and 95% UV protection. You'll also love the one-touch integrated SunShield on the Iron Man helmet with its adjustable, anti-scratch, smoke-tinted look. Want maximum fog resistance? Opt for the Pinlock 100% Max Vision fog-resistant lens which is sold separately.

Best of all, the Iron Man motorcycle helmet is totally comfortable, not just awesome looking. It's interior is lined with antibacterial, moisture-wicking fabric and the cheek and crown pads are completely removable for easy washing. The IS-17 cheek pads are interchangeable for all sizes of the helmet. Want to wear glasses with your Iron Man helmet? No problem, it accommodates them easily. Browse our Iron Man motorcycle helmets today.