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Jardine Exhaust is a brand that is continually recognized for its high performance exhaust and exceptional quality in design. Let your bike blow off some steam with ease! BTO Sports has an extensive collection of Jardine Exhaust dirt bike products so you can select the perfect exhaust for your bike.

Jardine originally launched in 1958 and developed its first exhaust system for Hot Rod Cars. Jardine Exhaust has come a long way since then and the company is continuing its research and development of products. Jardine Exhaust motocross products are carried in-house with only the best and high standard items known to the market. Nowadays, Jardine exhaust systems are manufactured using the latest technology, ranging from high tech CMM and Vector Infrared Tracer machines copy prototypes to NASA type specs.

Jardine Exhaust dirt bike mufflers are continually a hot commodity on the BTO Sports website, especially the RT-One Dual Outlet Factory Replica Mufflers. This Jardine Exhaust dirt bike muffler are developed from an experimental system built for the American Honda AMA Superbike program. They are available in titanium or carbon fiber, each finished off with a cool dual-opening carbon fiber end cap. Additionally, it gains 5hp over stock, provides an awesome sound and provides a weight savings of 4lb that sets this system apart from all others. While it is only available for Honda and Kawasaki, this Jardine Exhaust will definitely not disappoint.

While the Jardine - GP1-R Full Exhausts System for the Honda provides a full race looks and race sound, which features a quiet insert, underframe design, custom fairing outlet and a unique Jardine tip.

Whether you're looking to improve just your dirt bike with a Jardine Exhaust motocross product or seeking out new parts, turn to BTO Sports for all your Jardine items.

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