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K&N Street Bike Air Filters

K&N Motorcycle Air Filters

BTO Sports has everything you need to get your dirt bike, motorcycle, or street bike up and running to its peak performance! Check out our great selection of motorcycle parts, gear, accessories and more! We have everything from K&N Air filters to sprockets and chains, so check out our selection below!


K&N Air Filters

K&N engineering is an upper echelon company based out of Southern California. They have a commitment to producing top of the line car and motorcycle intakes, air filters, oil filters and more. K&N has been in business since the 60’s, 1964 to be exact, and have since then revolutionized the way manufactures engineer the technology that goes into these products. K&N introduced the high flow cotton air filter back in 1969 and has worked to perfect the technology ever since then. K&N produces world class air filters, air intakes, and oil filters and have proved themselves as a top tier company in the automotive industry. K&N sells their products in 30 countries around the world and has products for cars, motorcycles, and dirt bike engines and other industrial applications.

The K&N air filters that are here at BTO Sports are specifically made for motorcycles and the ones on this page are manufactured specifically for street bikes. We have K&N air filters for Victory, Triumph, KTM, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, and BMW motorcycles that are guaranteed to deliver power, and more airflow to your motorcycle.

K&N Motorcycle Air Filters

These K&N motorcycle air filters are designed specifically for street legal motorcycles and are made to meet the OEM specifications of those specific bikes. With that being said, you are able to easily install these K&N motorcycle air filters onto your motorcycle of choice without the need of modifying the jets or air box. Thanks to their high flow design, these K&N air filters give your bike ample amounts of airflow and will increase the output of horsepower to optimal levels.

These filters are able to filter out all of the potential debris, dust, hair, and other particles that can enter your intake system and cause detrimental damage to your bike without sacrificing power or airflow. They are able to produce power gains and filter out large amounts of dust particles due to the multiple layers of woven cotton gauze that has impeccable filtration qualities and air flow. Check out these great products today at BTOsports.com!

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