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Any track surface, in any weather, under any condition, on any motocross bike – Pirelli tires are the choice of many championship MX teams, including Team BTO Sports. Pirelli’s unparalleled racing legacy includes automobile competitions – the company has sponsored professional auto racing events for over 100 years and is the official supplier of Formula One Racing – and that proud heritage now includes many of the top motocross racers on the planet. Pirelli tires are always ranked high in the categories that count: durability, performance and value.

Why are Pirelli motorcycle tires the preferred riding partner of so many premier riders, crew chiefs and teams? For one, nobody beats Pirelli’s championship history in field of motocross. Pirelli doubles the next-closest competitor (if you want to call it a competition). Plus, Pirelli offers a comprehensive selection of MX tires for any motocross racing surface. The Pirelli Scorpion tire, for instance, is available in Soft, Hard and Extra textures for custom control. And another reason for Pirelli’s dominance is their commitment to unwavering value. You can obtain Pirelli tires at exceptional prices – especially at BTO Sports.

BTO Sports, the online leader in motocross apparel and accessories, is proud to offer a race-ready assortment of Pirelli MX tires. Rated high in all key performance attributes, Pirelli tires from BTO Sports fit all the top bike brands, including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM (the official bike of Team BTO Sports).

Depending on your racing needs, there are Pirelli Scorpion tires for any rider, no matter the track surface. Soft, muddy tracks demand a responsive softer tire, and Pirelli offers both front and rear tires to get the job done. Alternatively, harder tracks pose entirely different challenges. That’s where the Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid-Hard tire comes in handy. Every Pirelli MX tire includes innovative tread patterns (developed by the best minds in the sport), superior grip characteristics, easy change capability and versatile performance metrics. Basically, they’re the perfect tire for training, fun competition and championship circuit races. Wherever your MX passion is, Pirelli tires can get you headed in the right direction.

Are you ready to take the next step in your racing journey? Perhaps you’re already a diehard Pirelli tires fan. Either way, BTO Sports brings together the best selection of tires at unbeatable prices. Endorsed by our own racing team, Pirelli is the preferred tire brand for beginners, competitive amateurs and championship MX riders.

If you’d like to place your order, we’re here to help. Our Pirelli tires experts can also answer any questions you have about tire compatibility, suggested models, pricing and much more. Talk with our Pirelli Scorpion tire specialists today at (888) 613-3393. Plus, the BTO Sports contact page has other ways to get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by the BTO Sports Pirelli tires garage. We’re always open for business, so feel free to place your order 24/7.

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