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Scorpion Helmets

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The Scorpion brand helmet was developed by Jang Park. Jang, who has worked in more than four continents including America, Asia and Europe moved back to China in 2002 and developed a motorcycle plant using Korean sub-materials.

Scorpion Helmet

The History of Scorpion Helmets

His initial team consisted of world class helmet designers who used polycarbonate shell moulding and Kevlar/fibreglass to design the helmets. Later on, he would open up another plant in Lake Forest, CA as well as a distribution centre in Louisville, Kentucky. Most of the Scorpion helmets are designed and built in the 810,000 ft production plant in Strasburg, France. The plant produces about six different helmets types including half helmets, open face and dirt helmets. Helmets are designed according to riding style, category, pricing, gender, colour, rating and certification. There are at least six riding styles considerations and five broad classes of helmets. All Scorpion racing helmets are designated R while touring helmets are designated I. All cruising helmets are designated CT while off-road helmets are designated VX. Scorpion controls all their design and production functions.

Features of Scorpion Helmets

Scorpion does an excellent job of advertising the features and the benefits of their helmets. No matter your racing category you can always find a scorpion helmet that matches your style, colours and preferences. Their internal head-shape is well calibrated while the inner liners are durable and soft. No matter how skilled you are as a rider, a helmet is a safety precaution that you can’t outgrow. A shocking 550, 000 people end up in a hospital due to bike-related injuries. About 820 of them end up fatal. More than 300, 000 kids check into emergency rooms due to bike injuries and 10, 000 of them get hospitalised. In the event of an incident, a helmet protects you from brain damage, migraines or possible skull fracture.

Oval Fits.

Scorpion makers like to stick to the intermediate oval fit given that it is the most common headshape. Even then the EXO-900 is an exception as it is a long oval trim. They also have a few round oval and slightly oval trims.

Internal Sunvisors

Scorpion helmets utilise the speedview actuator which permits sunvisor to drop with a quick flick of the left hand. The parts are also replaceable. Both of them have fit the internals with cheekpads which make the internals more fashionable and comfortable.


It has a fast and easy release faceshield mechanism. It has also had a very efficient and superior venting. Additionally, they tend to offer interactive additions like drop-down sunvisor, air pump, and faceshield lock.

Helmet Size and Certifications

There are a few safety precautions to keep in mind when dealing with Scorpion helmets. First, make sure you look out for the standard certifications. These include the Consumer Product Safety Commission approval or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Secondly, make sure it fits properly. Ensure it doesn’t slide from front to back or from side to side when you strap it. Scorpion Helmet Sizing. The best means of measuring your helmet size is to pull a tape around your head just above the ears and eyebrows. Make the tape comfortably snug and take the reading and repeat for accuracy.

Helmet Size Head (cm) Head (in)

XS 53-54 20 7/8 - 21 ¼

SM 55-56 21 5/8 – 22

MD 57-58 22 7/16 - 22 13/16

LG 59-60 23 1/8 - 23 5/8

XL 61-62 24 - 24 3/8

2XL 63-64 24 13/16 - 25 3/16

3XL 65-66 25 9/16 - 26

Scorpion motorcycle helmets bring affordable headgear into the motocross community. It’s a well-known fact that moto gear is expensive. Scorpion aims to reduce the cost on your next moto purchase all the while providing you with a sturdy, well-made product.