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Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion Street Bike Helmets and Accessories

BTO Sports is proud to carry the top brands in the motorcycle helmet industry to ensure the safety of our customers and the people they buy are products for. We have some of the best deals and overall pricing on motocross, street, and snow gear, parts, accessories, and apparel. Check out all of our products including the Scorpion motorcycle helmets today!


Scorpion Motorcycle Helmets

Scorpion has been in this industry for over 10 years now and they are dedicated to producing high quality, race performance motorcycle helmets for the everyday street rider. With that, these innovative motorcycle helmets are some of the world’s best helmets on the market as the final product isn’t released until it has spent countless hours being tested, proven, and redefined to be the best that it can. Scorpion spends countless hours testing their products to ensure they meet the quality and safety standards expected of a high quality motorcycle helmet. ScorpionEXO uses the help of some of the top riders from around the world to test and do extensive research and development on their helmets. They get riders who ride MotoGP and the Dakar Rally, to ensure their helmets are going to provide you, the rider, with adequate support, comfort, and protection.

Types of Scorpion Helmets

BTO Sports has a great selection of Scorpion helmets to choose from! A lot of these Scorpion helmets are actually on sale anywhere from 12-25% off! If you are looking for a world class motorcycle helmet that has an aggressive look to it, check out the Scorpion EXO models like the GT920, the AT950, the T510. Honestly, all of these helmets have aggressive styled contours that give it a sick look, but the ones listed here are some of the more aggressive looking helmets in my opinion.

Scorpion AT 950 Helmet

The ScorpionEXO AT950 NEOCON Helmet gives you the best of both worlds for on and off-road riding. This is an adventure helmet that looks more like a street bike helmet as it is designed as an adventure touring style of helmet. It is equipped with an enormous amount of features that make it one of the most versatile helmets on the market. The Scorpion AT 950 NEOCON helmet is an advanced LG Polycarbonate shell that is lightweight, durable, and maximizes impact displacement. Along with that, it is DOT certified and is engineered with an EverClear no-fog face shield to provide you with optimal vision throughout your entire ride. Even on the hot summer days, this helmet will be your first choice as it features superior intake vents that allow cool air to pass through the helmet and keep your noggin at optimal temperatures when riding.

Scorpion GT 920 Helmet

The Scoprion GT 920 Satellite helmet is a fiberglass modular helmet that is constructed with a premium Polycarbonate shell that keeps it lightweight while providing ample amounts of protection and comfort. Equipped with KwikWick 3 moisture wicking liner and cheek pads, this helmet has great breathability properties and thanks to the Aero-Tuned ventilation system that provides a great deal of airflow throughout your ride. This Scorpion motorcycle helmet is DOT 218 approved so you can ensure that you are receiving a helmet that is going to help mitigate energy generated from impact and help you walk away from a crash.

Scorpion T510 Helmet

Another great looking street helmet from ScorpionEXO is the T510 Azalea helmet. This helmet has a unique graphic design and aggressive styled contours that will keep you looking fresh each and every ride. This helmet is also engineered with a Polycarbonate shell to keep it light yet strong, and also has the EverClear no-fog face shield to give you optimal vision. This DOT approved helmet has the KwickWick liner and cheek pads and also incorporates the emergency release system tab which enables medics to safely remove the helmet without excess movement of your neck or spine. Of course every helmet these days needs an superior ventilation system which is why Scorpion incorporated the Aero-Tuned vent system to give the rider ample amounts of airflow throughout their ride. Check these helmets out below and start riding with the confidence you deserve!