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Shinko Motorcycle Tires

Shinko Street Tires

BTO Sports has a huge selection of motorcycle tires to choose from like the sets of Shinko motorcycle tires. These street tires are one of our best priced motorcycle tires, so if you are looking to save some extra money for other motorcycle parts, gear, or accessoires these tires are the way to go.

 Shinko Motorcycle Tires

Shinko Story

A relative newcomer to the industry, Shinko motorcycle tires have been around since 1946. The company started out designing and manufacturing tubes and tires for bicycles in Japan. It wasn't until 1998 that Shinko began to produce motorcycle tires—but don't count this brand out! Here's why.

Shinko motorcycle tires started to roll out after Shinko acquired the tech in 1998 from Yokohama. The Yokohama Rubber Company had been creating tires since 1917, when Yokohama Cable Manufacturing teamed up with B.F. Goodrich. Shinko inherited this powerful knowledge and technology base and adopted it into its company; Shinko's formula blends Japanese principles of design and engineering with South Korean standards for quality control and production. The end result of this collage of sources and styles is an incredibly versatile brand and product.

Shinko Motorcycle Tires

Today, Shinko motorcycle tires are known for the Shinko Group's attention to design, testing, and R&D. The brand turns out a great variety of standout products suitable for all kinds of riding. Their unifying traits are excellent quality, elegant design, and low price points. If you're looking for a great deal, Shinko motorcycle tires are a fantastic bet.

For high-end quality at an unbeatable price, shop Shinko motorcycle tires at BTO Sports. These tires just plain last, and they perform the whole time. Longer life and better performance saves you money—and so does that nice sticker price.

When you are ready to shop for some new tires for your motorcycle, do yourself and your bike a favor. Give a set of Shinko motorcycle tires a shot. You are going to love our awesome selection almost as much as you love our prices. If you've got questions about Shinko motorcycle tires, don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

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