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Motorcycle Brakes

Street Bike Brakes

Brakes are one of the most important parts on your street bike, because, obviously, they help you stop! Without brakes you would be destined to just roam the streets, hoping for green lights and no big trucks until your gas ran out. You don’t need to resort to this, however; because BTO Sports offers the best selection of motorcycle brakes, motorcycle brake parts, motorcycle brake pads, motorcycle brake rotors and more.

 Motorcycle brakes


When so much relies upon your street bike brakes, it’s important to pick only the best for your ride. BTO Sports provides only the highest quality street bike brake components for the ultimate in safety and performance. We have street bike parts from all the leading manufacturers at prices that won’t leave you high and dry. after all, You don’t want to skimp on brakes, after all; but we all have a budget to keep, right?

Stopping power is king. We all know how easy it is to get our little machines going and for some of the newer bikes out there, the going is really fast! Being able to stop your motorcycle safely and quickly is key for having fun. There is an extensive line of products out there to help you give your bike the most pucker power available to it and BTO Sports has exactly what you need.

Motorcycle Brakes

At BTO, we sell several different brands of motorcycle brakes and brake pads such as EBC, Braking, Galfer, SBS, Renthal and Dunlop to mention a few; ranging from Sintered stock type to a soft compound high performance pad that will help you stand the back rear up into a turn. Looking for some single-sided disc brakes in the front, no worries, we carry a great selection of oversized disc from Galfer, Braking or EBC to give you more rotor surface and ample venting to help beat the heat.

Looking for two rotors up front? There are oversize kits available for you too. If there is a need for more sensitivity at your lever or pedal, there are harder surfaced brake lines available from several companies. Stainless Steel is the most common and is a fantastic make-up. The performance is excellent and the inspection is minimal. There are more exotic materials such as Kevlar that may offer a weight savings over the stainless but being a racing type product needs a closer eye for wear and tear.

There are several different aesthetic and protective products such as colored front and rear brake reservoirs. Some that offer increased fluid volume for hot running systems. Covers for the stock plastic reservoirs on many street motorcycles are available. Also for protection, there are many plastic, aluminum and carbon fiber guards for most off-road cycles.

Street Bike Brakes

At BTO Sports we also offer all of the necessary specialty brake tools such as pad spreaders, bleeding tools, and fluid pumps. Chemicals that are required for proper motorcycle brake tuning, maintenance and modification like, brake cleaners, brake fluids and brake quiet are sold as well. Offered are several companies worth of brake products from companies like Maxima, Motul, Lucas Oils, Castrol, and Motorex just to mention a few.

Motorcycle brakes are a very often over-looked item, and as important as they are they should not be. With all of the brake products that are available from BTO Sports, there is no excuse not to have yours working to the best of your machines ability. No matter the age of the motorcycle, there are plenty of replacement parts offered to help keep the older machines performing in a more up to date manner. We have a great range of motorcycle braking products to fit any budget and performance desires so you can keep on burning up the rubber in the dirt or on the street, at the track or in the canyons, or driving across a country just to say you did, we have the stuff to make you stop safely and efficiently when you finally have to get some rest!

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