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Modular Motorcycle Helmets

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Modular helmets are a fantastic compromise for both daily riders and weekend warriors. The range of modular motorcycle helmets we offer here at BTO offer you terrific safety and maximum versatility. Especially for the urban daily rider who starts and stops a lot, the modular helmet and its open or closed chin bar is ideal. Wondering if modular helmets are right for you? Give us a call, we're happy to share our expertise with you.

Why Modular Motorcycle Helmets?

How are modular motorcycle helmets different? The difference between modular motorcycle helmets and the more standard full face models is in the chin bar. Modular motorcycle helmets have a hinged, move able chin bar that you can move up and out of your way. In contrast, standard full face helmets have a fixed chin bar. It's very useful to have the move able chin bar, especially if you make frequent stops or pay tolls. Just remember: when you're in motion, your chin bar should be down.

So which kind of motorcycle helmet is better? Both modular motorcycle helmets and their full face cousins are great for keeping you safe and are DOT certified, although modular helmets are not typically certified according to the stricter Snell standards. However, the modular helmet is certainly road ready and safe according to the DOT. This means that the bottom line is personal preference. Are you a stickler for safety? Full face models may be better for you. Do you like to be able to make a stop without taking off your helmet? If so, try a modular motorcycle helmet. And of course the individual feel and fit will be different from helmet to helmet, whatever kind you're looking at. If you still have questions, contact BTO about modular helmets today! Our staff of experienced riders is ready to help you.

Popular Modular Helmets


When you talk about the “Rolls Royce” of Modular Helmets, you talk about Shoei. The Shoei Neotec Imminent Helmet was designed with long distance and ADV touring in mind. The innovative tri-composite shell has been designed to provide riders with a smooth and quiet ride while reducing, lift, weight and increasing overall safety. The shell of the Neotec has also been designed to house the internal drop-down sun visor, eliminating the need to reduce the thickness of the EPS liner and potentially compromise safety.

An integrated face shield shield and chinbar pivot point reduces the number of moving parts, mitigates wind noise and enables riders to close both the chinbar and face shield in the same motion. Shoei’s stainless steel 360° Pivot Locking System secures the chinbar when it is in the closed position and the dual-layer EPS liner provides enhance impact absorption and is channeled to facilitate ventilation.


Nolan N104 Helmets represent an evolutionary step for Nolan as they replace the much touted N103 Helmet. When compared the older N103, the Nolan N104 Helmet offers a helmet which is much lighter (7oz), features a lower profile through the use of multiple shell sizes, better aerodynamics, as well as a much larger viewport for increased visibility. The (patented) chin guard rotation movement with elliptical trajectory makes it possible to keep the total size of the helmet’s front section to a minimum when the chin guard is open. The “sail” effect is consequently highly reduced, and riding comfort is still guaranteed, even when the chin guard is lifted. The new ultrawide eyeport is the largest of any Nolan helmet, both vertically and laterally, for maximum field of view.

The AIRBOOSTER ventilation system is equipped with an air intake in the chin bar, another intake in the brow, and two rear extractors at the rear. The inner comfort lining includes removable cheekpads, inner liner, neckroll and chin curtain and is easily removable and washable as well as antifungal and antibacterial. New, redesigned comfort liner also accommodates eyeglasses much more easily than before.

Fly Racing

Fly set out to design a lightweight helmet with features that riders need in a street helmet.  From a lightweight advanced composite Spectra shell and a dual density EPS liner, this helmet has the features to keep you safe. Designed for maximum airflow through the helmet and an aerodynamic design to cut through the air, the Conquest will feel secure at speeds. A quick-release inner pad system is fully washable and a special drop down inner sun shield gives you protection from the elements. Combined with the anti-fog face shield and removable air guide for additional fog fighting, the Conquest is ready for rides in any condition.


Meet the newest and most versatile modular helmet, the Scorpion Exo SeriesHelmet. The EXO-AT950 meets the demands for any motorcycle rider in the Adventure Touring market. Just like a chameleon, the EXO-AT950 can transform to adapt to its surroundings!

From a modular full face motorcycle helmet into a true Adventure helmet with a visor and also into a dual-sport off-road helmet by adding goggles. The external peak visor is easily removed in minutes to make it a aerodynamic touring helmet. The EXO-AT950 also features an internal drop down Speedview sun visor.  And it’s easily activated by the push of an easy to find button! This button is located on the side of the helmet so you can adapt to lighting changes while in transit! Additionally, the shield is a no-fog Everclear face shield that can be easily removed; a replaced with MX goggles when you are ready to get off-road.



Motorcycle riding popularity is once again surging. And when you get involved, you may very well want to opt for a versatile Modular Motorcycle helmet. And they’re all right here at BTO Sports. Solve your street bike needs immediately and come right over! We will get you the best street bike apparel at the best price. And why not start with a helmet… a modular helmet. Believe it!

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