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Motorcycle Tank Pads

Tank Pads for Motorcycles

Check out these motorcycle tank protectors for sport bikes. BTO Sports carries sport bike tank protectors to give you ultimate grip on your motorcycle. Check them out today.

 Motorcycle tank pads

Motorcycle Tank Pads

We have Sportbike tank protectors for you to choose from that are made by Factory Effex and StompGrip. Both of these companies make high quality race performance tank pads that will keep you from sliding around on your gas tank when you lean into a corner.

Motorcycle Tank Protectors

Factory Effex is a company that is relatively new to the sport bike world, but to back them up is their 15+ years of experience manufacturing, designing, and providing top professional motocross riders with high quality graphics, hard parts, and other various accessories. They specialize in producing motorcycle graphics and have developed some of the best looking graphic kits on the market, but over the last couple of years they have expanded their efforts into the sport bike world to bring in a knew demographic, street riders. They have motorcycle graphics and graphic kits for sport bikes and also produce motorcycle tank protectors that serve a valuable purpose.

They have a couple of the motorcycle tank pads that are specific to certain motorcycles but they also have universal ones that will give any bike an aggressive race look in a matter of seconds. These products, motorcycle tank protectors, are easy to install and will provide your bike with a sick new look. Not only do these tank pads give your bike a sweet new racing look, they also serve a purpose of providing you with a little extra grip. These motorcycle tank pads are heat, humidity, water, and UV resistant and are designed with a superior adhesive gel that ensure your fuel cell protector will remain securely fastened to your sport bike. These products come in a variety of colors so you can match your bikes color scheme, or if you want a real aggressive race look, check out the carbon fiber sport bike tank protectors here at BTO Sports.

Stompgrip Motorcycle Tank Pads

Stompgrip began rooting itself into the world of action sports in 1994 as it began to see a rise in demand for creative and innovative traction products for snowboarding, snow mobiles, skis, street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVS, and much more! They are a California native company that began its roots off the coast in Huntington Beach; founded as Stomp Design by Dave Molinari and Paul Longo, these off-road and snowboarding enthusiasts began printing 3D snowboarding stomp pads to help riders get on and off the lifts easier and faster. Quickly branding the product as “Stomp Pads” Stompgrip quickly found itself making revolutionary changes in the world of action sports. Nowadays, Stompgrip is working with the top athletes, industry pros, and handfuls of other individuals actively involved with action sports to ensure they are producing and providing this industry with high quality, effective traction pads.

Stompgrip makes tank pads and motorcycle tank protectors for sport bikes that are known to be some of the best. They have various styles and designs of motorcycle tank pads so they can meet the standards and styles of various sport bike riders around the world. They are all constructed with an ultra-clean elastomer material that makes for an easy “peel and stick” installation process. Their incredibly strong adhesive is capable of remaining locked onto your sport bike gas tank through some of the gnarliest riding conditions. I used their stomp pads back in my younger days for snowboarding, and if they were good enough to stay on my board through all the falls I had, I am sure that their new and improved adhesive will ensure that their motorcycle tank protectors are not going anywhere after installation. Available in three different styles, the ridge, volcano, and spine, you are able to find a motorcycle tank pad that suits your style. The differences in styles are such: The Ridge style has curved ridges that are raised up on the pad for increased grip, the Volcano has raised dots that line the motorcycle tank pad that improve grip even further and give you adequate traction when leaning into a corner, and the spine is similar to the ridge, with opposite facing ridges that have the appearance of the bones in your spine.

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