About BTO Sports Inc.

BTO Sports is a worldwide online retailer of Motorcycle/Motocross gear, parts, accessories, clothing and more. Founded in 1999, BTO Sports has been in business since the beginning of the E-Commerce explosion. Over the course of several years working for brands in the motocross industry, BTO Sports saw a great opportunity for growth in a sport growing in popularity with each passing day. Armed with a handful of contacts within the industry, and a will to do anything for success, we decided it was time to go all in on the own mail order operation.


BTO Sports was able to find a small 1000 square foot warehouse in Thousand Oaks, California to launch BTO Sports out of. E-Commerce was still pretty unheard of, but the idea of picking out products in your favorite magazine and picking up the telephone to place an order was very much alive and booming. With the help of a graphic design professional, BTO Sports was able to design and publish their first advertisement in Dirt Rider Magazine. The day the magazine hit the shelves, the phone started to ring. There were only a couple other companies out there selling motocross apparel at the time, and apparently there was plenty of market to share, because the phone did not stop ringing. Needless to say, BTO Sports had a great problem on their hands- They needed more people working for them, ASAP.

After the birth of the E-Commerce website in late 1999, the company would continue to grow in volume and size. BTO Sports was able to partner up with some very savvy developers who also happened to be avid fans of the sport, and that synergy helped BTO Sports become the user friendly site that it is, all the while maintaining a style that appeals to the motorcycle enthusiast. These attributes, coupled with a heavy involvement in both professional and amateur racing, have helped make BTO Sports the world-renowned household name that it is today.