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Fox Racing is one of the top motocross brands for all things gear related. They have an industry leading dirt bike helmets the V4. This helmet is top of the line for all moto riders out there and does not succumb to any other motocross helmet out there. Fox Racing also has some top of the line gear combos to choose from. The Fox Racing dirt bike gear combo called Flexair, is their top of the line gear and you will see famous riders like Ryan Dungy and Ken Roczen rocking this out on the track.

Fox also carries some of the best dirt bike boots in the industry as well. The Fox Racing instinct boots lead the way and offer superb protection, while remaining light weight and extremely comfortable. You know that when you are shopping for Fox Racing gear you have come to the right place, we have all the Fox items available to the public period. On top of offering everything that Fox has to offer, we have some of the best prices on their items. Our Fox Racing sales are off the chain and go as far as 50% off. You can find all of our great prices either on our clearance section, or just by browsing below.

Fox Racing also has many different kind of rider accessories to choose from. From Fox clothing and apparel to protection items like chest protectors, and knee braces. We have built out a huge selection of fox clothing to choose from. Everything from Fox hats and shoes, to belts, tees, and board shorts. Please click on the fox clothing tab and search our inventory now. If you are looking for great protection from Fox you also do not need to look anywhere else but right here. We have the Raptor CE, the Proframe LC, and the R3 chest protectors. Outside of those we carry many different styles of knee braces, elbow guards, under shorts and everything else Fox Racing has to offer.

Fox Racing has been a great business partner of BTO Sports for over 15 years now. BTO Sports has been promoting and selling Fox Racing items since our creation back in 1999. Fox Racing started back in 1974 when the founder, Geoff Fox who just so happens to have his PHD in physics saw an opportunity to sell motocross parts and accessories to the European market. Geoff Fox was a physics teacher at Santa Clara University but launched his Fox Racing company out of 1,500 square foot building located in Campbell, California. After two years of selling Fox Racing but at the time called “Moto-X Fox” items to Europeans, Geoff decided he wanted to sell his motocross parts and accessories to the American public as well. The way Geoff thought he would go about trying to find a piece of the American market was to create his own private motocross team and compete against the Japanese factory motocross teams. In the first year of competing, Fox Racing known as Moto-X Fox at the time took the fifth, sixth, and seventh spots in the very competitive AMA 125 cc National Championship series.

During that first race series Fox Racing gear became a hit and everyone was asking about it. The riders wore bright red, yellow, and orange motocross gear sets which stuck in people minds. After 3 years of competing in the AMA Supercross Championship Fox Racing rider Mark Barnett won the national championship bringing even more attention and credibility to the brand Fox Racing. Fox Racing decided to expand their field of gear and industry all together to parts and apparel for the surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding industries. Now to date Fox Racing has the most AMA Supercross Championships with the help of Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Damon Bradshaw, Rick Johnson, Mark Barnett, Doug Henry, Jeremy McGrath, Steve Lamson and the legacy continues with Ryan Dungey leading the way now. Also something that a lot of business owners see as valuable and very hard to do is keeping the company family owned. It is very easy to find outside investors to help scale and grow the company, but Fox Racing never went down that road.

Fox Racing Gear

Fox Racing Gear

Fox Racing has had top selling motocross gear ever since BTO Sports creation back in 1999. With the flashy bright color ways, to the solid colors and everything in between, Fox Racing leads the curve in the motocross industry gear trends. Fox Racing Gear comes in a few different levels of quality and performance to help cater to all levels of riders and their personal budgets. The top of the food chain for Fox Racing gear combo sets is the 360 line. This motocross gear from Fox Racing has all the top of line pieces that are available to manufacture the best gear possible for motocross. The Fox Racing 360 motocross jerseys include moisture wicking polyester fabric that encompasses the main body section of the jersey. This allows for the jersey to stay as dry as possible while wicking away sweat from the rider’s body. The Fox Racing 360 motocross jersey also includes large holed meshed back panel to help with airflow to the rider to help keep them cool while riding. The fabric of the jerseys, are also very flexible and move with the rider, preventing any type of restrictions or limitation to the motion of the rider. The Fox Racing 360 motocross gear pants are also top of the line motocross pants. These include a precise fit for the riders when they are in the rider attack position. The motocross pants also include very durable 900D polyester fabric which has new4-way stretch material in the knees, and in the seat of the pants. The 360 motocross pants also include abrasion resistant leather on the outer panels of the pants as well as an inner durable material that also helps with heat resistant as well as abrasion. Other popular gear sets from Fox Racing are the 180 motocross gear line. This is more of the entre level motocross gear from Fox Racing. But don’t think that this entre level gear doesn’t come with the fundamental necessities that all motocross gear sets need. This motocross gear comes with the moisture wicking polyester fabric to help keep the jersey dry as well as wick away sweat from the rider’s body. Also the Fox Racing 180 motocross jersey sets include new side panels that are highly vented to help increase airflow for the rider’s comfort. Jump down to the Fox Racing 180 motocross pants and we will also see the pants cut to the rider attack position, as well including the durable 600 polyester fabric. The motocross pants also include the leather knee panels which are both heat and abrasion resistant.

Fox Racing Boots

Fox Racing Boots

Fox Racing Boots are also a major seller and needed accessory when out there riding your dirt bike. Fox Racing has been making their fox boots for over 10 years now, so it is safe to say they have this aspect of motocross gear down to a T. The top of the line motocross boots from Fox Racing is the Instinct boots. These fox boots have undergone the most extensive testing by top riders like Ricky Carmichael and other top level pros. These fox boots had a few main goals which include incorporate exceptional ankle support, a leather boot type feel that allow for zero break in time, and a new buckle / closer system which fixed and resolved any problems the last generation Fox Racing Instinct boots had. Next on the motocross boot food chain for Fox Racing are the Comp 8 boots. These Fox boots also have made recent changes to help improve the last generations design. The Fox Racing Comp 8 boots also have good ankle support as well as minimal break in time. These are important factors for motocross boots which is the main reason this was at the top of the list for Fox Racing to incorporate in their mid-level motocross boots. The Fox Racing Comp 5 boots come in at the lowest price for all of Fox Racing boots. But just like the 180 motocross gear the quality is not substituted for the entry level price. These fox boots come with mid-level type features and durability but come in at the high end of an entry level boot price. The last off road motocross boot that Fox Racing makes and sells through BTO Sports is the Bomber Boot. These fox boots are the only low cut motocross boots that Fox Racing makes. These boots are great for UTV riding, commuting on the road and other styles of riding that don’t require full calf and shin protection. These Fox boots are not as popular for Fox Racing but also are a newer style of boot which is trying to cater to a missing piece of the motocross boot market.

Fox Racing Helmets

Fox Racing Helmets

Fox Racing Helmets have been refined for a long time now, which is great for the customer. After years of experience with manufacturing motocross helmets, Fox Racing really has their stuff together. With over four different styles and levels of motocross helmets to choose from, Fox Racing sure has catered to all levels of customers. Let’s start with their top level the V4 Fox Racing helmet. The V4 motocross helmet comes with MIPS which stands for multi-directional impact protection system. This is a new system that comes in both the Fox Racing V4 and V3 motocross helmets. This system has a low friction layer that sits between the helmet liner and the helmet shell helping to reduce the rotational forces and angled impact that comes with a crash. These Fox Racing V4 motocross helmets come in many different color ways and are worn by top riders like Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen who are currently competing in AMA Supercross Championship . You can find almost all the same features that come with a V4 motocross helmet in the V3 helmet. These motocross helmets have the same MIPS system in them helping reduce the rotational and angled forces that can occur from a crash. When you take the next step down on the Fox Racing helmet list you run into the V2 helmet. These motocross helmets are more of a mid-level helmet coming in at a mid-level helmet price. The V2 is light weight along with providing a strong helmet shell that allows for great protection while out riding. Last for Fox Racing is the V1 motocross helmet. These entry level helmets are going to provide arguably the best protection any other entry level motocross helmet can provide. These motocross helmets come with 9 intake vents along with 4 exhaust vents which help increase the airflow through the helmet. Let’s not forget that all Fox Racing helmets are ECE and DOC approved reassuring you are buying a quality helmet from BTO Sports.

Fox Racing Accessories

Fox Racing Accessories

Fox Racing also makes many other gear accessories as well as Fox clothing. Fox Racing has a few different versions of their own motocross goggles, some including the Air Space goggles, the Air Defence, as well as the Main goggles. Also Fox Racing makes a wide variety of motocross chest protection ranging from the Raptor, Proframe, R3, Airframe, and Titan. All these roost protectors are found on our website at competitive pricing. Also never forget that we also price match so if you find any of these protectors on our competitor’s website just give us a call 888-613-3393 or email us at [email protected]. Fox Racing also offers wide selection of knee and shin guards as well as elbow guards. The Titan guards very from low end elbow and knee guards ranging around the $20 price. The Titan guards also go up to the Titan Pro guards that are priced around the $70. Do not forget the Fox Racing turbo belts as well. These belts are great for lower back support and what’s even better is the air flow these lower back supports give. If you have every tried a lower back support, you know the sweat and heat that is caused by them can be embarrassing. But with the Fox Racing belts you know that your belt will have vents built in to help with the air flow and circulation of the lower back support belt. The great thing about these Fox Racing belts is they can be used for other things outside of motocross. The belts can be used for hiking in the mountains, to weight lifting in the gym and everything in between.

Fox Racing Clothing

Fox Racing Clothing

Last but certainly not least is Fox clothing. We have been surprised at the demand and popularity for Fox clothing. When attending any of the AMA Supercross Championship races around the USA you will always see a majority of the crowd rocking fox clothing. Fox Racing has been making premium fox clothing and apparel for over 10 years now, and everyone loves it. BTO Sports has a large selection of fox apparel for this very reason. Make sure you shop our extensive list of clothing and sunglasses to make sure you find just the right style of apparel you are looking for and suites you best. Fox Racing has everything from pants, shorts, hats, socks, beanies, t-shirts, button ups, shoes, and the list goes on and on. We also know that when shopping around for Fox Racing items it can be difficult to find the best price. This is also why we offer price matching, to keep it simple for the customer. BTO Sports has a great relationship with Fox Racing and will continue to sell their high end, industry leading motocross gear as long as we are in business. We do our best to serve you as a customer by providing direct contact links and phone number so you can give us a call about any question Fox Racing related or not. We also have product review videos as well as blog articles written about Fox Racing that we are happy to share with you. You can see the videos throughout the article as well as click the links below to read more about the brand Fox Racing and more product specific information.


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Fox Racing - 2015 Image LE Instinct Boots


Best part about this boot is it's so easy to get in and out with your foot,the buckles are very durable as well as the inside of the boot most COMFORTABLE boot I'v ever had
Fox - 2015 360 Savant Jersey, Pant Combo

Best gear I've bought

Gear looks awesome, feels amazing you won't regret it on a hot summer day and great priced.
Fox Racing - 2015 AIRSPC Goggle - Marz

Excellent product!!

Very great product as expected from Fox. I purchased the Marz pink goggles and they are great! The tint on the lens is perfect. It just a slight pink tint that isn't over powering like other companies. Very comfortable to wear and easy on the eyes. Looks stylish and I get compliments all the time! I recommend not just this goggles but any of the Fo...

Fox Racing - 2015 V3 A1 LE Savant Helmet

So good you could pin a tail to it and call it a Fox

Think about sizing , I am normally a medium in Shoei and Arai. Needed a Large for this Fox but fit is perfect.
Fox Racing - 2015 V3 Marz Helmet
Fox Racing - 2015 V3 Marz Helmet

Jeremy Beckers #933

V3 2015 Fox Marz Helmet

I love this Helmet! I love the colors on it & the helmet has a great design on it! It fits great & is very comfortable I recommend this helmet to anyone! -Jeremy Beckers #933


Best boots I've ever worn

I brought the A1 LE boots. Most comfy boots worn to date. They are a size too small as i had tried on size 12 alpinestar tech 7's and needed a size 13 in these. Very comfy. Love that there is no velcro for doing the boot up
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