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Youth Dirt Bike Helmets

Kids Dirt Bike Helmets

It's so exciting when your child wants to ride! You already know it's an amazing sport, and the younger they start riding the more skilled they'll be, not to mention the more fun they'll have. But maybe you're worried about your child riding; if so, we get it, because we have kids too. No matter how well you understand the sport, it's still a little nerve-wracking when your baby takes off at the start.

Youth Dirt Bike Helmets

Youth dirt bike Helmets

BTO Sports features a huge selection of quality and durable youth dirt bike helmets . Our helmets for kids are made from quality material to provide ultimate protection while riding.

Youth riders can be more fearless than adults, because they lack experience and don't know everything there is to fear. This makes the right protective gear all that much more important, and youth dirt bike helmets are the most critical pieces of the safety puzzle.

Youth motocross helmets are smaller to ensure a snug fit but provide the same levels of protection otherwise, just like an adult helmet. As you shop, remember that your little rider will crash and fall fairly often at first. It sometimes happens that they no longer want to ride after a few crashes; only time will tell.

Each and every one of the kids dirt bike helmets we sell at BTO Sports meets or exceeds the DOT safety standards. We also offer ECE and Snell certified helmets. You can rest easy knowing that any youth dirt bike helmets from BTO Sports have excellent safety ratings and are fully capable of protecting your child.

We all know that shopping for anything kids wear is a revolving door; as soon as you buy something it seems like it's time to go shopping again since kids grow up so fast. This can be frustrating, not to mention expensive. Shop BTO Sports to keep your kids riding without spending a fortune.

Sizing youth dirt bike helmets

Your child's helmet must fit properly if it is to protect them from injury. First, determine your child's head size by wrapping a soft measuring tape around your child's head at the largest point, about a half inch above their ears and eyebrows. This will let you compare to the specs from manufacturers listed on helmets. A great fit is snug; your child should be able to talk, but should not be able to bite his or her cheeks while wearing the helmet.

Remember, never buy a helmet that is too large. It's fine to buy a tee shirt that's big to “grow into,” but this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to youth dirt bike helmets. A helmet that is loose fitting has a high chance of coming off in a crash and can actually cause a worse injury.

Kids Dirt Bike Helmets

With BTO Sports, you have access to brand name motocross helmets for kids at an affordable price. As the most essential piece of protection for dirt bike riding, we only sell kids helmets that meet all safety factors for maximum protection. You can rest assured, your child’s head and neck will be fully protected while they ride, decreasing the severity of an injury should an accident occur.

At BTO Sports, you’ll find the perfect helmet to meet your child’s unique personality with the hottest designs and colors from brands you know and trust. We have affordable racing helmets from Cyber, Fox, SixSixOne, Fly, and many more. Plus, we have multiple sizes available to ensure a proper fit to keep the helmet on their head without any slipping.

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