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Kids Motocross Gear

Kids Dirt Bike Gear Combos

BTO Sports not only delivers the largest selection of adult motocross gear, but also features an extensive selection of kid’s motocross gear. We have the exact kid’s dirt bike gear you’re looking for so your kids can ride and race.


Kids Motocross gear

We have a huge selection of youth riding gear, including helmets, pants, jerseys, gloves, helmets, boots, jackets, and combo sets. We understand that children are still growing and are more susceptible to injuries, which is why we offer the top riding gear for maximum protection. All of our youth helmets are Snell rating quality or DOT approved for maximum protection. Plus, our kids’ motocross gear is made from quality, durable material to keep them protected while they ride.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy for your child is their helmet. The brain is the one part of our bodies that will not recovery after injury and once those cells are lost, they are gone forever. I have experienced multiple head injuries from riding dirt bikes and I even had helmets that cost no less than 400 US Dollars. Even though these helmets are top of the line helmets I still sustained concussions, but I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I has a less technologically advanced helmet. Giving my 2 cents, I would never put a price on my head these days and I will spend the more money on a helmet than I would on the total of my whole jersey/pant combo set.

Our helmets here at BTO Sports are top of the line and depending on what brand you are looking at, you can find them for a reasonable price. The 6D helmets are the top of the line helmets on the market right now, and other 2016/2017 helmets that just came out this year in 2016 has MIPS technology. MIPS is a Multi-directional Impact Protection system that lessens the stress of high impacts to the head during a crash.

BTO Sports has the largest selection of youth riding gear to meet the latest styles and trends in all sizes. We have gear by Alias, Fox, O’Neal, Fly, Troy Lee Designs, and more. Plus, we have the exact sizes you need for maximum comfort. We have the hottest styles and designs for kids to let their personality shine through, making them easily identifiable while they are out riding.

Youth Motocross gear

Our kid’s motocross gear features extra padding and an additional layer of protection that does not compromise the comfort or performance of the gear. All of our kids gear is specifically designed for protection, with knee guards, neck rolls, chest protectors, support belts, and more for ultimate protection.

In addition to our huge inventory, we also offer the best prices and fast shipping for our youth riding gear. We even offer free domestic shipping on orders over $85, and Free International Shipping over $599 to save you even more money. With BTO Sports, you will have peace of mind with our top quality riding gear for kids at unbeatable prices. Check out our huge inventory of kids motocross gear to keep your child looking great and protected while they ride.

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