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Men's Adventure Base Layer

Men's Base Layer Clothing

Are you looking for a new pair of base layers to take on your next adventure ride? Well BTO Sports has a near endless selection of motorcycle base layers, dual sport base layers, and adventure riding base layers. Whether you are taking off into the snow or riding up into the colder temperatures, we have the adventure base layers that are going to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Check them out below

 Base Layer

Base layer Clothing

Some of the adventure base layers that we have here at BTO sports are from top tier companies such as: Arctiva, Klim, Alpinestars and more! These companies are known to produce high quality adventure riding gear, like these base layers, so you can ensure you are going to be receiving some of the best products from around the world.

BTO sports has adventure base layers for your face, neck and head, legs, arms, and upper body so you can remain warm and toasty even in the coldest riding temperatures. Most of the companies that you will see on this page produce the highly demanded Balaclava which is made specifically to cover your head and neck region. This Adventure base layer is made from Klim, Arctiva, Firstgear and Alpinestars so you have a massive selection to choose from.


The Balaclavas from Arctiva is designed for snow/cold weather riding only and feature a 4-way stretch fleece construction. The weatherproof face shield provides riders with the ultimate cold-weather protection so they can focus on their ride without having to worry about the cold. These Balaclavas are ideal for various types of winter activities like snowboarding, snowmobiling, and of course cold weather motorcycle riding.


The Glacier Balaclava from Klim is one of the best on the market. This balaclava is designed to handle the harshest weather conditions so aggressive back country adventure riders are going to remain comfortable throughout their ride. This Balaclava from Klim is constructed with Windstopper fabric and Coolmax technology. The Windstopper fabric does exactly what its name entails and protects you from windburn while the Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric allows the balaclava to breath properly.

Incorporating the Lycra fabric, this base layer has a stretch panel that provides the wearer with a perfect fit on any head shape or size and thanks to the neoprene breath box moisture is deflected down and away from your goggles to help prevent fogging. Lastly, this base layer clothing product is made with a wide-skirt over-the-collar design with a cinch cord to keep out the rain and snow. Get ready for the winter season with this amazing Glacier Balaclava from Klim.

Base Layers

We have so many different types of base layers here at BTO sports that it is hard to list them all, but another highly demanded base layer clothing that we have is the Firstgear 37.5 Basegear long sleeve shirt. This base layer is made with a flat-lock seam construction for extra durability and the non-binding polyester/spandex fabric mix provides the wearer with a great comfortable fitment. Throughout your entire ride, you will notice you have unrestricted movement as this Firstgear long sleeve base layers moves and stretches with your body. Lastly, this piece of base layer clothing makes full contact with your body so it has maximum potential to transfer out the moisture that builds-up throughout your ride.

 Base Layer Clothing

Adventure Base Layer Clothing

Maybe you’re looking for a pair of undergarments to provide you with maximum comfort on those long rides without many stops. Take a look at the Klim Aggressor base briefs as they will be a great base layer clothing option for you. They are lightweight and made from a new and improved moisture transfer fabric that increases comfort and durability. These base layer briefs from Klim are made to enhance breathability and comfort so you ride comfortably all day long.