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UTV Wheels

STI Wheels

Those who have been in the motor industry for a while may understand that choosing the perfect UTV can prove to be quite tasking. This article gives you well researched information to ease the process. If you are looking for a new set of UTV wheels to customize your side-by-side with check out the UTV wheels from STI. STI has gone through thick and thin to conceive, renovate, and provide off-road fanatics with a desired UTV wheel they can trust.

 STI Wheels

UTV Wheels and STI

Some of key factors that STI utilizes to produce immaculate UTV wheels are such: they have a passion for off-roading just as much as their customers, connect with the lifestyle of off-roading as they live the lifestyles themselves, and most importantly, their desire to introduce new products and get people out riding nationwide. They have a great line up of UTV Wheels to choose from; regardless of which brand of ATV, side-by-side, or off-road vehicle you have, you will be able to find a new set of wheels to keep you rolling through the mud all day long.

STI UTV Wheels

Keeping up with the power is no easy task, but with the high intensity HD alloy line of UTV wheels that STI produces you can put the power to the ground and tread through unseen landscapes better than ever. These wheels are designed specifically to handle the ruggedness of the modern day big bore UTVs and side-by-sides. BTO Sports is about to drop some knowledge on you about these STI UTV wheels so you can increase your riding experience to unparalleled levels on your next adventure.

Starting with the STI HD UTV Wheels, we will take a closer look into what makes each one of these a great option to run on your Polaris, Rhino, Can Am, and other various types of side-by-sides or UTVS.

STI HD Radiant UTV Wheels

At a 1000 pound capacity per wheel this wheel comes along with bead lips that are reinforced to provide the UTV wheels with that extra amount of durability to handle whatever the desert has instore for you. If you would like your UTV to look good, the STI HD6 Radiant 14 inch wheel is sure to sort you out. These UTV wheels have a design that compares to none it has good performance to match the good appearance as they are available in four different colors that are protected with a clear-coat finish; these UTV wheels don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Another great feature that makes this UTV wheel attractive to the consumer is that they have a manufacturer lifetime structural warranty. It comes with a black wheel and the accents of the mill-cut caliber give it an edge over the rest. The center cap is another feature that can be customized to achieve a desired look by the consumer.


This model of the HD STI UTV wheel is designed specifically to fit the Polaris Can AM, and Yamaha models of side-by-sides. Whether you have a Polaris Ranger, Sportsman, or a RZR, a Can AM Outlander, Commander, Renegade, or Maverick, or last but not least, a Yamaha Grizzly, Kodiak, Big Bear, or Rhino you will find that these sick STI HD UTV Wheels will fit your vehicle flawlessly. There is a side note though; make sure you find your exact model and year of Polaris side-by-side as we have had issues in the past. These UTV Wheels are designed with low profile center caps that give them durability and protection. These UTV Wheels are constructed from HD Alloy that incorporates a reinforced inner bead lip to push help push the limits even further. This STI UTV Wheel has a beadlock ring torque rating of 10ft/lbs.

HD5 UTV Wheels

The STI HD5 UTV Wheels are some of the best UTV Wheels on the market as they feature reinforced bead lip and beadlock rings that are held together with strengthened hardware to maximize their durability. Each one of these tires are tested to have a 1,000 pound load rating to keep up with the modern day fire breathing UTVs and side-by-sides. The 14x7 models are designed and manufactured with a 5+2 offset that optimizes handling and control; these UTV wheels also help the 50-inch wide UTVs maintain their trail stance. Countering the 14x7s are the 14x9 UTV Wheels that have a 5+4 offset that will give your vehicle more width in the back; this type of set up is a great option for giving your vehicle floatation in the sand dunes. These UTV Wheels are available for various models of side-by-sides and UTVS such as: Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Can Am, Polaris, and Suzuki. On Top of that, this type of STI UTV wheel comes in various styles and colors, and you are also given the option of adding STI wheel lug nuts, lug nut key, and a STI full color center cap for a one of a kind look. If you have any questions, contact us before checking out and we will be happy to help you.

Please, if you have any questions give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our staff members will be happy to help you proceed with your order, or just provide you with more knowledge to help make your next purchase of UTV Wheels that much easier. Thank you for shopping with us at BTOsports.com! We greatly appreciate your business.