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Dirt Bike Helmets

Motocross and Dirt Bike Helmets, Headgear for motocross and dirt bikes, head wear motocross dirt bike

Dirt Bike Helmets are our bread and butter. We offer a huge selection of all the major dirt bike helmet brands in the industry. Starting with Troy Lee Designs, Fly Racing , Fox Racing , Bell Helmets , 6D Helmets and more. We will also have some of the lowest prices on these dirt bike helmets you can find. We have built relationships with these helmet distributors allowing us to get the best deals and then paying those prices forward to our customers.

Dirt Bike Helmets

Motocross helmets also known as dirt bike helmets are arguably the most important piece of dirt bike gear you can buy. All of our helmets ship with free 1-3 day air shipping, so you can rest assures that you will get your helmet in a timely fashion. For whatever reason if the dirt bike helmet does not fit there is no need to worry. We have a hassle free return policy, so we will make sure you get the right size helmet with as less hassle as possible. Please give us a call toll free at 888-613-3393 if you need assistance with a return, and we will be sure to help you.

Dirt Bike Helmets

If you are like the majority of shoppers, you are looking for the lowest prices and best deals. We have made the helmet sale search very easy for our customers. You can shop all of our lowest prices and best deal helmets on our clearance page . Here you will find all the most popular helmet brands with helmets on sale. So make sure if you are looking for a great deal to shop this section.

Your Dirt Bike Helmet is quite possibly the most important piece of equipment in your gear bag as it’s protecting a very important organ in your body – your brain. We explain below how to ensure you get a proper fitting helmet with the latest in safety technology. Aside from fitment, riders also pay attention to dirt bike helmet variables such as color, weight and venting. You’ll notice a vast selection of motocross helmets in all sorts of different color schemes. Helmets are available in plain colors, and vibrant patterns which have become popular in today’s motocross world. Helmet weight can vary amongst manufacturer, along with venting. Both of these are important for the motocross racer, and typically separate the lower and higher price point helmets.

Dirt Bike Helmet Sizing

When buying a new motocross helmet, it’s crucial the helmet fit’s properly to enable the helmet to protect you as best as possible. A loose fitting helmet will jump and twist around while you’re riding. Not only will this cause a distraction, but if a crash were to occur, the helmet could be positioned incorrectly on your head potentially causing the helmet to be less effective. Conversely, if the helmet is too tight, you’ll have a headache in about 3 minutes and immediately regret your decision of not measuring your head. The proper fit is a snug fit that offers equally distributed pressure around the entire top of your head. You’ll know if it’s too tight, but keep in mind that cheek pads will loosen up over time so you should feel an ample amount of cheek pressure when the helmet is new. It’s also important to note that not every dirt bike helmet will fit every head, regardless of the size. Most dirt bike helmets are shaped to fit the standard head shape – not too round, but not a football. If you’ve had helmet trouble in past or worried about your next motocross helmet purchase, give us a call 805-777-7601, or email us – [email protected] and we can help you out.

When measuring your head for the proper dirt bike helmet, it’s best to find someone to help you measure with a soft measuring tape. The goal is to find the longest circumference around your head and have someone measure it for you – it’s easier and more accurate. The longest part of your head is typically an half an inch above your eye brow to the middle of the back of your head. This is about the spot where a hat would rest on your head. You can then use the size charts on our website to determine the correct size helmet. Again, any questions or concerns, contact us, as we’re here to help!


Again, we cannot stress enough how important it is to find the proper fitting helmet. Although you may seem like spending over $500 on a helmet will ensure you are getting the best of the best and be fully protected, that is not the case. One rule of thumb to go buy is that the best helmet is the one that fits you the best. As stated earlier, if the helmet has any room to wiggle as you turn your head side to side, or up and down, the helmet is not the right one for you. Also as stated earlier, not all helmets fit the same and some you may find fit looser at the top of your head, and tighter on the cheeks. For example, the Fox and Troy Lee Design helmets have a fairly similar shell shape and in most cases you will be able to find various helmets of the same size by both brands that fit perfectly. I currently have a Shoei and some people may argue that the shell is different that Fox or Troy lee, but after consulting with our tech and having years of experience wearing both brands, these three shells are very similar is shape and sizing.

Helmets that are produced by Bell and Fly have a slightly different sizing chart from my experience and are typically run a little smaller. Sometimes you can find that you will have a medium sized helmet that fits tighter than a medium from Fox or TLD, but the large may be too big. In these cases, it is best to run the helmet in a medium, but change out the cheeks pads to a smaller size and you will be fine. I have done this in the past and more often than not this method works very well. There has been some cases, wear the depth of the shell is too large and the top of my head feels loose within the helmet, but my cheek pads are perfect. If that is the scenario, my best advice is to change helmets and find the one that has equal pressure around your head. If you are unsure of how a helmet should fit, it is highly advised to come in and try on three or four different brands and keep them on for a couple minutes moving the helmet around your head to get the feel for how each one differentiates itself. If you already pre-measured your head and know which ones will fit, order away and your helmet will be at your door step within a few days!

Dirt Bike Helmet Technology

Dirt bike helmets have also come a long way from a technology standpoint within the recent years by incorporating new advancements like MIPS and MERS that are integrated into the construction of multiple helmets within the industry. Brands such as Bell, 6D, Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs, and many others have incorporated some of these technologies into their helmets to decrease the riders chances of injury, and increase the longevity of their riding days. Mips Technology for example is a new system that allows the helmet to slide or rotate relative to the head. This helps lessen the impact of a crash by reducing the stress levels that the brain undergoes during a high impact crash. MIPS Stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and if you are looking for one of these helmets, simply type in MIPS in our search bar and handfuls of helmets with MIPS technology will appear.


The other highly advanced technology that is, and has been, incorporated into helmets over the years is the MERS system; MERS stands for Magnefusion Emergency removal system that allows paramedics and emergency response teams to safely remove the helmet without moving the riders neck or head. Another system that 6D helmets has is the new patented system called ODS which stands for “Omni-Directional-Suspension”. This system achieves a similar result to MIPS, but with different engineering. Furthermore, whether you get a 6D, Bell, Troy Lee Designs, or Fly Racing MIPS motocross helmet, or not, you can rest assured most of our other helmets are both Snell and DOT approved – meaning that they meet those legal and safety specifications.

Dirt Bike Helmet Accessories

Not only do we stock Dirt Bike Helmet Accessories, but we have a wide variety of dirt bike accessories as well. Protect your investmment with a high quality helmet bag, or record your practice session to find new lines with a helmet camera. We also have replacement helmet visors in the event of a crash, and helmet stickers so you can look like the pros!

Looking for some sweet dirt bike helmet accessories to capture footage, add some style to your new helmet, or customize it with some factory logos? Check out are great selection of Helmet accessories and start riding like never before. BTO Sports has Camera mounts, helmet stickers, face shields, and much more! If you are looking for an easy way to spice up your helmet, check out our awesome selection of big B Helmet stickers. These stickers are an easy way to look like one of our riders and you can place them on your Helmet, Shrouds, or fenders. We also carry Go Pros, and if we do not have the go pro or video camera you are looking for, give us a call and we will be able to order the exact one you want.

Go Pros are one of the most versatile cameras on the market and multiple companies have used similar technological advancements to compete with the GO Pro. The Fly 360 camera is one of those who have broken the barrier of Go Pro and are one of the most used cameras in the motocross industry. The Fly360 Camera allows the rider to capture a full 360 degree view of their ride and water-resistant up to 5 ATM, 50 meters, or 164 feet and some change. Equipped with a built in microphone and an accelerometer sensor, the camera will be able to capture all the sounds of your ride while staying oriented while staying pinned around the track! Never miss a moment again with the Fly 360 camera and start showing your friends and family what you do on your dirt bike!

Why buy a dirt helmet from BTO Sports?

Buying a dirt bike helmet can become overwhelming due to expense and lack of knowledge. However here at BTO Sports we make it enjoyable and convenient with our cashback program, hassle free returns, and our expert sales staff ready to assist to ensure you get the right helmet. Furthermore, we carry the top motocross brands such as Fox Racing, Fly Racing, Bell helmets, Shoei, 6D, and more! If you are looking for a top of the line helmet that is produced by some of the best motocross brand in the world, but do not want to spend boat loads of money then BTO Sports is the place to go. We are constantly having great deals on some of the best helmets on the market. The Troy Lee Designs SE 3 Helmets and the 2016 Air Scratch helmets are currently on sale at 50% off. These helmets are over $300 for the Air scratch, and over $400 for the SE 3 models. Other Helmets like Bell and Fly are also on sale anywhere from 20% - 50% off! These are some of the best helmets on the market and you are able to receive them for a fraction of the price of the original retail cost. Do not wait around for a lower price as these are some of the lowest prices available on the market; we strive to give our customers the best motocross gear for some of the lowest prices around! If you have any questions do not worry because we’re here to help! Get your helmet fast with unmatched service from the racing staff at BTO Sports. Contact us at 805-777-7601 or [email protected].

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