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Motocross Boots

Motocross Boot Reviews

Fly Racing - Sector Boot

Fly gear, the best out there, bro

I haven't had a new pair of boots in 10 years. But, after hearing Jason Thomas talk these up on Pulp I finally broke down and bought some. I think they are fantastic. Feel great, look great, and for a great price. Very happy with em. Now I just need a pair in white.
Sidi - Crossfire 2 SRS Boots


You gotta have one.. use it for hard enduro and single track.. never had a more durable comfortable and easy to handle the clutch lever with.. what i love most is after more than 200hours still hasnt broken like my fox instincts... garbage fox... you can replace everything and i promise you wont wanna take them of your feet...
Gaerne - SG-12 Boots

Best of the Best

These are hands down the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. They are ready to go right out of the box and require little to no beak-in. Pricey, but worth every penny as I have never had any ankle issues what-so-ever.

Alpinestars - Tech 7 Boots

Awesome boots

I have always had the cheap alpinestar tech 3 and dont get me wrog they were a good boot i never complained and they got the job done, but i finally upgraded and got these tech 7s and they are so much more comfortable and feel like they hve more support and they just look better, and bto gave me the opportunity to get them for $50.00 US less!
O'Neal - 2018 Element Boots

Awesome Boots

Fits very well and very comfortable for riding boots the fit is a lot better than my old A star tech 10's but not as much ankle support these are very good for open desert and long rides
Forma - Predator Boot

Top of the line!!

Arguably the best boots you can buy! One of the only boots that offer a dual hinge which makes a world of difference. For all of the tech in these boots, they are also fairly light.