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Dirt Bike Sprockets and Chains

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Shop the largest supplier of motocross parts for all dirt bike sprockets, dirt bike chain and more. BTO Sports has all of the dirt bike parts and motocross accessories you need for your bike to perform its best.


Dirt Bike Drive Parts

Manufacturing advancements and designs also mean a lower cost, so off-road riders get quality drive and other dirt bike accessories at an affordable price. The Off-Road Chains by Renthal for example, are perfectly supplemented with any of Renthal’s long list of quality accessories for maximum drive performance. The drive parts sold here span the full gamut of necessary Motorcycle drive. These include Chains, Sprockets, Axle Blocks, Chain Guides and Wheel Bearing Kits- just to name a few. Make no bones about it: BTO Sports has everything you need in the world of Drive! In short- Drive parts are essentially the lifeline of the bike, arguably the most critical of dirt bike parts… And we have them ALL here at BTO Sports!

Your dirt bikes drive components are some of the most important parts of your dirt bike to routinely check and monitor. The last thing you want is a faulty component that makes you walk away from the race with a DNF. There are many things that could go wrong with these components, some may be minor fixes where as others may mean a full engine rebuild, don’t get stuck in the garage waiting on parts from your local shop, get everything you need to rebuild your bike and get back to the track right here at BTO Sports! We have everything you need to get your dirt bike up and running, and ready for race day. From sprockets and chains to case savers and chain guides, BTO Sports has it all!

Dirt Bike Sprockets and Chains

A couple wear and tear parts that every rider should be most cautious about are the front and rear sprockets, and the chain. The sprockets are the easiest ones to pin point the wear and tear on as the teeth will be rounded, worn down, or damaged. Damages to the rear sprocket such as the ones listed can cause major issues with your chain and eventually deteriorate it to the point of breaking. Sprockets are one of the easiest ways to tune your bikes power delivery without messing around with the engine. Whether you are looking to add more acceleration on a tight and technical track, or more top speed to fly through the desert, changing a couple teeth on your sprockets can resolve your troubles.

A rule of thumb to go by when changing sprockets is for every 1 tooth you change on the front, it is like changing 3-4 teeth on the rear. It is highly recommended to change your sprockets before significant wear occurs to the teeth. If your sprocket has worn down teeth, your chain may not align properly and as a result could snap under tension, or if you’re lucky just pop off. Although it may not sound like much, but when your chain snaps or breaks due to tension, your engine casing may be the next to go.

As your chain snaps, it whips around the counter sprocket and slams into your engine casing; in most cases where this happens, your engine casing may crack or be damaged causing you more problems than you can imagine. This problem can be mitigated with the case savers that are made by various companies like Hammerhead, Acerbis, T.M Deisgnworks and others! The case savers are intended to protect the engine casing from the chain if it ever snaps or breaks and will save you a headache ( or multiple headaches) in the future. The Hammerhead case saver is made from Billet Aluminum which will definitely protect you engine case from the brut forces of a snapped chain.

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