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Motorcycle Controls

Motorcycle Grips and Motorcycle Controls

Without your motorcycle controls, how could you ride a bike? You couldn't. That is why motorcycle control parts are incredibly important. This group of motorcycle parts is made up of the handlebars, and everything attached to them. The handlebars, grips, levers, throttle, and the optional stabilizer make up the motorcycle controls group.

 Motorcycle Controls

The OEM control parts on your motorcycle will do the job up until they wear out, but we have aftermarket parts available which will do the job better, and look better too. Here at BTO Sports, we have throttle kits which replace the original throttle kit with a fully adjustable throttle that can be set to different rates, for different conditions. Some other street bike controls that are great to have would be a stabilizer, which allows you to ride at a higher speed, while keeping the bike under better control, with less effort.

Motorcycle Controls

Soft or firm, spongey or jelly? How do you like your motorcycle grips? How many questions can you ask of a grip? You may not get a verbal answer, but every set of motorcycle grips has a different tale to tell. Whether you are riding on the street, dirt, cruising through the sandy dunes, or roving the fences for damages, everyone wants to have their grips working for them not against them. This is why BTO Sports supplies a large magnitude of motorcycle grips and motorcycle control modules. There are several different diameters and compounds that will help tailor your ride to you.

Riding in Alaska and your hands are going numb from the cold, try a heated grip. BTO Sports provides our motorcycle enthusiasts with the AVON heated grips to help them combat the cold weather riding conditions and keep trucking onward even if the weather is against them. These grips are designed with a 5 grip models with billet end caps and rings to increase durability and strength. Giving your hands warmth is the Symtec Heat Demon “Fly Swatter” heaters that are pre-installed under the grips which ensures and easy installation process. Controlling the temperature is the customer heat controller that is color coordinated to the finish of the grip and is capable of being mounted on either side of the grip. This system is displayed by a 4-way L.E.D system that indicates the heat level that is currently selected.

Motorcycle Grips

If you prefer a specific type of grip that is not heated try a thermal pad under the grips already you love. Vibration making your hands numb instead, how about a grip made with vibration dampening gel. The options are virtually endless when it comes to choosing a grip you want to run on your street bike or dirt bike. From Pro Grips to ODI grips, and Spider grips to Bike Masters we have it all!

If you are the type of person that prefers a nice soft grip to ride with, the grips with soft to medium compounds are what you will be looking for. ODI makes a great motorcycle grip called the ODI Ruffian Road Race Grips. These Grips are highly demanded and are preferred by handfuls of our customers. They are constructed with a medium compound rubber that provides adequate comfort and control without compromising the longevity of the grip. Along with that, they are designed with an open end that allows you to install an end plug like the Renthal Aluminum Bar ends, to help increase durability, and guard your grips and bars from the jagged asphalt.

Other Motorcycle Controls

On this page, you will not just find motorcycle grips, you will also find a wide variety of control modules to choose from such as: clutch lever perchs, Rev2 Throttle kits, Bar ends plugs, handlebars, and handfuls of other street bike and motorcycle accessories. Control accessories are very important and for one main reason specifically.

If you are riding and suddenly lose a bolt holding your clutch lever, brake, or throttle housing together, you will most likely lose control of your motorcycle. What if you hit the ground and bend the bars? Well, more likely than not you are going to have to get a new set of handlebars to be able to control you street bike or motorcycle properly. Don’t worry though, BTO Sports has a great selection of lever perches and handlebars to choose from.

We stock top brands so our customers are able to purchase high quality motorcycle controls such as: CRG, Bike Master, Motion Pro, PSR, Spider, ODI, and Pro Grips to name a few. All of these brands are some of the most demanded manufacturers of motorcycle controls in the industry. Choose your favorite brand, specific control unit, and get back on the bike as soon as possible.

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