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Women's Heated Motorcycle Gear

Heated Motorcycle Gear for Women

Tired of freezing your buns off on your dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle? Well defend yourself against the cold with the women’s heated adventure gear here at BTO Sports. Women’s Heated gear has never felt so good thanks to the new high quality materials that are placed in the pants, socks, sleeves, and gloves.

 Women’s Heated Gear

Heated Motorcycle Gear for Women

BTO Sports understands that our customers love to ride, regardless of weather conditions. Obviously if the clouds are dumping buckets of water or hail people aren’t going to hop on their adventure bikes, but BTO Sports wants to make sure you are ready for any type of weather with the women’s heated gear. Women’s heated gear makes riding through cold mountain air easy, fun, and exciting as you can keep nearly any part of your body warm with our selection of women’s heated gear.

Women's Heated Gear

Some of the brands that produce women’s heated gear are Firstgear and Mechanix Wear. Firstgear dedicates themselves to producing products that are going to enhance your riding experience on and off the road. They have a large amount of gear that is made specifically for dry, wet, or both types of riding conditions. Some of their gear features high quality waterproof construction with amazing ventilation, whereas others are heated gear to keep you warm on long, cold rides.

 Women’s Heated Motorcycle Gear

Mechanix Wear started up in 1991 as they made a highly durable glove to protect the hands of individuals wrench on motorcycles, cars, or work in construction. They have a line of heated gear that will help enhance your riding experiences each and every time. With our selection of heated gloves, pants, and socks, you will be able to enhance your riding experience on every ride.

Women's Heated Socks

The Firstgear heated socks are definitely worth the money. If you are an individual whose feet get cold easily, these are the socks for you. The Firstgear heated socks direct heat directly to the toes for the most effective foot warming system when you need it the most. They are made with the latest heating technology that provides you with adequate protection as there is no wire feeling throughout the socks.

This type of heated gear brings you 9-watts of heat in each sock so even during the coldest of temperatures your feet will remain warm and toasty. These socks have a 5 year manufacturer warranty so if anything goes wrong with your new socks, you can get them replaced. Please note that the heat controllers are sold separately.

Women's Heated Pants

Another line of women’s adventure heated gear from Firstgear is the Women’s heated pants liner. This product is designed specifically to be worn with any of the heated liner jackets from Firstgear, but it can also be worn by itself. This type of women’s heated gear is form fitted to enable it to be worn close to your body and trap in as much body heat as possible.

These women’s heated pants are made to increase comfort with the flex panels and stretch action in the back of the pants that allows the rider to have a full, free range of motion. These women’s heated pants do not always need to be worn on cold rides; the liners a built to allow wearing when the active heating is not necessary. These pants are very versatile and integrate wiring connections for the socks as well.

Women's Heated Gloves

 Women’s Heated Gloves

The women’s heated gloves that are here at BTO Sports are made by two different companies: Firstgear and Joe Rocket. The Firstgear women’s heater rider gloves are a classic cold weather adventure glove that will keep your fingers and hands warm and toasty throughout your ride. They are made from top-grain drum-dyed leather that increases protection and comfort while the Thinsulate insulation provides you with optimal warmth.

These heated gloves have waterproof and breathable properties thanks to the Porelle membrane and put off 15w for each glove. These heated gloves generate heat in the fingers, thumbs, and back of the hand. They also have a 2-year manufacturer warranty so if they stop working for whatever reason, you can return them to the manufacturer for a new set.

The Joe Rocket - Rocket Burner heated gloves are an alternative to the Firstgear heated gloves and they are currently on sale. These gloves are made with an internal core heating system that is made up from a 3 stage heating setup that can run for approximately 4 hours.

. They are equipped with conductive materials in the fingertips that allow you to use touchscreen technology without having to take off the gloves. Constructed from a heavy duty nylon outer HiPora liner that is waterproof, windproof and breathable, and a synthetic suede palm these gloves are comfortable, durable and ready to tackle the frigid temperatures of winter.