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Adventure riding gear is built especially for both riding and protection from the elements. Adventure riding can be one of the most rewarding things that someone can do but there has to be adequate preparation and protection. Adventure boots, gloves, helmets, jackets, and pants are all part of the equation for a successful, fulfilling ride. You cannot just throw on street bike gear and going and adventure. You also can't just put on your dirtbike gear and go out on an adventure either. Adventure riding gear is it's own thing and you have to be sure to find gear that fits your riding style.

A growing number of people are refusing to choose between the dirt and the street. why choose one when you can have both? Adventure, touring, and enduro bikes allow you to go from one trail type to the other. The allure is choice. Whenever you're done climbing mountains, charging through snow, or passing through deserts, you want to take your adventure to the streets in order to go on to something else or go home.

The most essential gear that you need comes in the form of helmets gloves boots jackets and pants. how much to protect your brain gloves to protect your hands boots to protect your feet jackets to protect your upper body and pants to protect your lower body.

Adventure helmets are especially made for the street or to be beaten down by the elements. A dual sport lifestyle requires a dual sport helmet. While a dirtbike helmet can be a short-term solution and adventure helmet is what you'll end up needing. A motorcycle helmet isn't the solution you're looking for either. Motorcycle helmets are built for the street and what an adventure rider is looking for has to be a hybrid of a street helmet and a dirt helmet. You’ll never know what you'll be up against.

Fire up your KTM, BMW, or favorite enduro and ride through the elements to find your dual sport adventure today!

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