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Dirt Bike Air Filters

Motocross Air Filters and Accessories

Air Filters are a very valuable aspect to the functionality of your dirt bike. Just like a car, dirt bikes need to breathe fresh clean air in order to keep their engine running. With more clean air going through the bike, the more power should be generated with every twist of the throttle.

 Air Filters

Motocross Air Filters

Air Filters are one of the easiest parts of your dirt bike to work on. Simply take of the side panels, lift up the seat, unscrew the air filter bolt, and you are good to go. Once you have cleaned your air filter with some brand of air filter cleaner and warm water, you let that puppy dry thoroughly in the sun, or if you are in a rush blow dry it to eliminate excess water. There are various brands of dirt bike air filters to choose from like: DT 1, No Toil, and Twin Air to name a few.

DT 1 Air filters are a leading brand within the industry and are constructed from the highest quality bonded dual layer foam available. These motocross air filters are designed specifically with a super seal base which eliminates the need for grease and some of the DT 1 air filters come pre-oiled. The oil that DT 1 filters are oiled with is the highest quality bio-degradable and flame resistant filter oil. Along with that, right now you can find DT 1 air filters on sale for nearly 40% off!

Another top brand that develops high quality motocross air filters is Twin Air. Twin Air makes handfuls of air filters to fit various makes and models of dirt bikes. These dirt bike air filters are coarse, open-pore foam air filters that catch airborne dirt, sand, and other microscopic particulates that can cause major damages to your engine. The inner open-pore foam acts as a second barrier to trap the most miniscule debris while ensure maximum air flow. These Twin Air air filters are designed with a sealing ring that ensures maximum contact with your airbox to prevent dirt particles from entering your dirt bike.

Air Filters and Accessories

No Toil is a company that works within the motocross industry that produces pre-oiled air filters to increase horsepower and decrease time spent prepping for race day. These affordable air filters are made with dual stage foam that has 2 different pore sizes to increase the trapping surface area of the filter. The dual stages are heat sealed rather than glued together to increase air flow and withstand the harsh solvents and gases to ensure their longevity. They are also designed right here in the United States and come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty! No Toil does not just make air filters they also make the cleaning solutions and oils. Their cleaning solutions are non-flammable and are made without alcohol making them foam friendly. By not degrading the foam, these oils and cleaning solutions are designed to increase their lifespan, durability, and performance. The No Toil cleaning agents are also eco-friendly; by creating a biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning solution and air filter oil they have been classified as a green standard leader.

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