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Men's Dual Sport Riding Pants

Men's Adventure Riding Pants

BTO Sports is proud to bring our customers a great selection of adventure riding pants from some of the biggest names in the industry. We a great selection of men’s and women’s adventure pants for touring and dual sport riding. Whether you ride in the cold winter months, or sunny summer days, we have the perfect pair of adventure riding pants for you.

 Men’s Adventure Pants

Men's Dual Sport Pants

When the weather begins to play in your favor you are going to want to ensure you are fully protected before you get back on the bike. Regardless if you stick to the streets as a touring riding, or hit the back country trails with your dual sport, BTO sports will have you covered with our great selection of men’s adventure riding pants. Our inventory of adventure riding pants is stock full, and with big name brands like Alpinestars, Klim, Icon and First gear you will be able to find the perfect pair of dual sport pants.

Men's Adventure Riding Pants

Are you the type of rider who likes to be 100% comfortable on your ride? Well take a look at the line of Alpinestars touring pants here at BTO Sports. These men’s adventure riding pants are perfect for all weather riding thanks to their unique features. Two pair of pants you may want to take a look at are the New Land Gore-Text dual sport pants. These touring pants are currently on sale at 20% off and are engineered with state of the art features that make them one of the best.

Alpinestars constructed these dual sport pants with the durable Rip-stop textile fabric which make them resistant to rips and tears so they can last you throughout the entire season. Along with that, the outer shell is coated with Teflon for additional abrasion and tear resistant properties. Your adventure riding pants should be CE certified so you know you’re getting a high quality safety rated pair of dual sport pants, and these ones are! Equipped with the Bio Armor knee and shirt protectors, these adventure riding pants will have you fully covered throughout your ride.

Dual Sport Pants

Maybe the Alpinestars riding pants aren’t for you. That’s fine! BTO Sports has plenty other brands to choose from like these Firstgear touring pants. The Firstgear Men’s Serra Rain pants are made specifically to keep you dry when the weather gods are against you. These men’s touring pants are 100% waterproof and breathable, so even if you are staying protected from the rain your sweat build up will be kept to a minimal.

These are fairly simple riding pants that don’t offering the same amazing qualities as Alpinestars, but that’s the thing…they don’t need to. These pants are made specifically for wet weather riding and their elasticized waist and cuffs ensure a comfortable fitment. Short, sweet, and to the point, this adventure riding pant will get the job done throughout the entire rainy season.

 Men’s Dual Sport Pants

Men's Touring Pants

Maybe you are looking for the best of both worlds and want a pair of dual sport pants that offer adequate protection, comfort, and breathability. Icon makes some of the best motorcycle adventure pants, and gear in general, such as the Overlord resistance pants. These pants are constructed from a Nylon Chassis with a unit-fused thigh and knee paneling. These panels provide the rider with the comfort they need to ride all day long and never get irritated.

You can ensure that your knees with be protected when you hit the ground, and with the leather panels on the inside of these adventure pants your inner legs and knees with remain protected against abrasions and heat radiating from your bike.

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