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Motorcycle Body Parts

Sportbike Body Parts

Sportbike body parts and street bike accessories are here at BTOsports.com! Check out our great selection of motorcycle body parts today; a large amount of our products are currently on sale so start shopping today!

 Sportbike Body Parts

Sportbike Body Parts

BTO Sports strives to deliver our customer the best motorcycle accessories, parts, gear, and apparel, and by doing so we are able to help our customers gain confidence in their rides and enhance their riding experience on each and every ride. We have a large supply of Sportbike body parts to choose from that range from detailing tapes to engine case guards. We carry some of the best products on the market to ensure you are getting high quality motorcycle body parts from companies you know and trust. We carry products from companies like Factory Effex, Shogun, Vortex, and Yoshimura to name a few.

Sportbike Accessories

Whether you are looking for fender eliminator kits, gas caps, graphic kits, or other Sportbike body parts, BTO Sports has you covered. Vortex makes is one of the companies that makes a wide variety of motorcycle and Sportbike accessories, and is a known company around that world that is trust by professional race teams. Vortex is a US based company that has been involved in the world of action sports for roughly 20 years and they have been able to build up a world renowned reputation since then.

By having championships in multiple realms of the motorcycle racing industry, Vortex is trusted to get the job done by professional AMA Motocross and Supercross teams, MotoGP teams, Superbike teams. Not only are they trusted by these top racing teams, Vortex produces products that helps riders become Champions. People like Chad Reed, Josh Hayes, Martin Cardenas, Ryan Dungey, Danny Eslick and handfuls of other riders from various forms of road-racing and off-road racing.

Street Bike Accessories

One of the many products we carry from Vortex that is a Sportbike body part is their engine case guards. Their engine case guards are designed specifically to deflect road debris that may crack, scratch, gouge, or damage your engine casing in anyway. It is CNC machined from solid billet which offers the highest level of crash protection; not only does it help deflect debris from damaging you engine case, it also protects your engine casing in the event of a crash. Tested and mandated by race organizations, Vortex case guards help increase the safety levels of Sportbikes by keeping engine oil from spilling during a crash. Increasing the durability of this product, Vortex anodized their engine guard in black to increase the levels of corrosion resistance and to give it an eye-candy appearance.

Shogun is another company that we have plenty of products from as they have motorcycle body parts that are highly demanded. Products like the Shogun frame sliders, and axel blocks are some of the products we supply to our customers. The frame sliders are some of the most useful products that a Sportbike rider can buy to help save their bike during a crash. Instead of sliding across the rocks, tarmac, and asphalt on the fairings causing hundreds of dollars in damages, these Shogun Swingarm sliders will take the pounding and abuse rather than your motorcycle. They also serve a dual purpose as they can be used with race type stands; their primary purpose though is to add protection to your street bike and slide across the ground so your bike doesn’t have too. I suggest the carbon fiber S5 sliders as these are the most durable Swingarm sliders out of the bunch and also look great.

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