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Motocross Protective Gear

Dirt Bike Protective Gear

BTO Sports offers the best motocross protective gear and dirt bike protective gear, with many different categories to choose from including belts, chest protectors, elbow guards, knee braces, knee guards, neck support, wrist/ankle support and more.

 Motorcycle Protective gear

Motorcycle Protective Gear

Riding is supposed to be fun, but it can potentially be dangerous if you don’t have the right dirt bike or motocross protective riding gear . An excellent day of riding or racing can quickly end with a severe, career ending or even fatal accident if a rider is not equipped with the best motocross protective gear or dirt bike protective gear. We encourage all riders to always be properly suited with protective gear.

BTO Sports offers the industry's very best motocross protective gear and dirt bike protective gear. Choose from belts, chest protectors, elbow guards, knee braces, knee guards, neck support, wrist and ankle supports and more to ensure that your entire body is secure as you ride.

Motocross protective gear

There's nothing more fun and exciting than riding motocross! However, what is an inherently thrilling sport has the potential to be dangerous without the proper dirt bike or motocross protective riding gear. What starts out as an excellent day of riding or racing can change in an instant. In a flash, through no fault of your own, your ride can halt with a severe, or career-ending accident.

No gear can completely eliminate all risk from motocross and dirt bike racing, but all high-quality motocross protective gear and dirt bike protective gear can minimize the risk when worn properly. There is just no good reason not to protect yourself all riders should be properly suited with protective gear each time they hit the track or the dirt.

Dirt Bike Protective Gear

Even the most experienced rider isn't immune to pain and injuries from the rough conditions of motocross. In fact, longtime MX riders will confirm that your first serious injury will either make you grateful for the motocross protective gear you were wearing or regret passing up the dirt bike protective gear you passed up!

To win on and off the track, you have to have confidence and be willing to take risks. You can only ride like that if you know you're safe and well protected. When your motocross protective gear or dirt bike protective gear is the best available you know you're ready for action, and even if you don't make that last jump you'll take the shot anyway.

Dirt Bike protective gear

BTO Sports offers only the highest quality precision engineered motocross protective gear. You’ll find that we have a huge selection and the lowest prices on all of your favorite high performance brands. Contact us anytime to talk dirt bike protective gear with your fellow riders.

Neck Brace

Choose from BTO's massive inventory, we carry brands like Leatt, Atlas, and Alpinestars to name a few. Protect your neck from damage with a motocross neck brace. Sometimes you never know with those sketchy braking bumps!

Knee Braces

Quite possibly the most overlooked piece of motocross protective gear - dirt bike knee braces. These things are very important, and riders (typically new ones) shy away from wearing knee braces. Rather they opt for the cheaper knee guards - which work well, but if you're riding motocross chances are you've had a knee injury. Just ask Travis Pastrana, you don't even need to crash to tear your ACL. Wearing knee braces can greatly reduce the risk of knee injury.

Chest Protectors

Dirt bike chest protectors are a "gotta have" when it comes to your gear bag arsenal. Have you ever been shot by an airsoft gun? That's what small roost feels like. What about a paintball gun? Now we're talking actual rocks to the chest. Chest protectors are great for fast, outdoor motocross style conditions, and all around trail riding. At a decent price, it's never a bad idea to make sure you have a chest protector handy after you take a few shots from a rear tire. Furthermore, many of the motocross chest protectors these days are neck brace compatible, so you can still wear your neck brace.

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Leatt Brace - GPX Carbon Pro Neck Brace

value for money

two big crashes in the pro lite class reckoned this thing saved my neck for sure best thing my dad ever brought me since i started racing at the age of 4 light and comfortable easy to clean excellent product IF YOUR NOT WEARING ONE YOU NEED YOUR HEAD EXAMED
Fox Racing - Proframe LC Protector

Very light

Very light can wear under jersey
Leatt - Fusion 3.0 Vest Chest Protector with .00Neck Brace

Great Stuff !

Glad I got this , makes me feel invincible

Atlas - Air Brace
Atlas - Air Brace

Neil Dupree

great neck brace!

super light, doesn't even feel like your wearing a neck brace. i tried on almost all other brands of neck brace and this one fit me the best. also looks great and adds more protection for very little sacrifice.
Thor - Sentinel XP Roost Guard

The Latest and Greatest!

As someone who owned Thor's Sentinel and would rate it five stars, the five star rating I gave here would be a ten if possible. Every feature of the original Sentinel that made it so good has been carried over and improved with Thor's Sentinel XP. The buckle system was improved, the adjustable shoulders are a huge improvement, and it is incredibly ...

JWG Colorado


After using Asterisk knee braces for the past 10+ years and being pleased with the level protection, but not so much with the comfort, I was very interested in checking out the new Leatt C-Frame braces. My only complaints about my Asterisk Ultra Cells is the thickness of the inner parts of the brace and not being able to tuck my knees in close to t...