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Adventure/Dual Sport Lighting

Dual Sport Motorcycle Lights

Is there anything better than an open road on a warm summer evening? Night riding is a beautiful thing but can be quite dangerous if riders aren’t properly equipped. Nightfall makes it harder to see road hazards or judge a turn up ahead. Roads have different hazards that they normally do during the day. Drunk drivers, frozen roads and wild animals are all more frequent after the sun goes down. It doesn’t take much to cause a crash. That’s why it is imperative that riders are fully equipped with dual sport light to remain safe on the road.


Having properly working lighting systems increases the riders’ field of vision, while making them visible to others sharing the road. This is a key step for staying safe, avoiding injury or damaging the bike. Adventure riders have to take extra precautions on dimly lit backroads and unpaved trails. On rural roads, the likelihood for injury is much greater, especially considering there are less people to stop and help. It is important to invest in adventure dual sport lighting to stave off injuries and get the most out of the ride. Lighting systems should be cleaned of dust and debris before every ride. Bulbs should be replaced as they grown dimmer with age.


Bikemaster Mini LED Tail Light

The Bikemaster Mini LED Tail Light is an awesome way to stay visible in low light conditions. The small, compact design emits a surprising amount of light. That’s because this adventure lighting system is equipped with six red ultra-bright LED bulbs. It is also equipped with nine mini LED lights for license plate illumination. LED lights are more efficient than Incandescent lights. They suck up less power and will last longer which are great qualities for a motorcycle light. The Bikemaster Mini LED Tail Light is super easy to install too!


 Bikemaster Mini LED Tail Light


Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

The Acerbis Cyclops Headlight is the first dual sport lighting that is approved by the Society of automotive engineers (SAE) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). This means that this adventure dual sport motorcycle headlight is street legal. It has an adjustable beam so riders can change the angle of illumination. It has a removable polypropylene number plate and a removable protective lens that affords adventure riders the ability to customize the Cyclops a little bit. The Acerbis Cyclops Headlight fits on almost every dual sport bike with an existing 12V lighting system and install easily! It comes with rubber adapters that help it fit to any adventure motorcycle and also reduces vibration.


 Acerbis Cyclops Headlight


BikeMaster Piercing Beams Headlight

These dual halogen lights provide an excessive amount of illumination for riders. These are great for illuminating road hazards as well alerting other drivers to your presence. These lights are housed in an aluminum shell, designed to protect them in the event of a crash. In fact, the BikeMaster Piercing Beams Headlight is designed for lifetime use.


 Bikemaster Piercing Beams Headlight


At BTO Sports, we have a great selection of adventure dual sport lighting. We carry tail lights, headlights, turn signals and everything else adventure riders need to light up the road!