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Dirt Bike Exhaust

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So you’re looking for a new dirt bike exhaust? Perfect, because you’ve come to the right place. BTO Sports is the largest worldwide online retailer who specializes in dirt bike and motocross parts and accessories. Not only is our sales staff super helpful and knowledgeable about dirt bike exhaust, but our inventory spans across the top brands including FMF exhaust, Pro Circuit exhaust, Yoshimura exhaust, and many more. So, whether you’re looking for a 2-stroke exhaust, or a 4 stroke exhaust, you can assure yourself you’ve come to the right place, as we break down how to choose the right exhaust for your application.

Choosing the Right Exhaust

4 Stroke Dirt Bike Exhausts

In the late 90’s, 4 Stroke dirt bikes made huge power advancements over their predecessors, and began to compete against the rivaled 2 stroke machines. Today, 4 stroke dirt bikes are the go to models for all aspects of riding due to their manageable power band, and massive amounts of torque. 4 stroke dirt bike exhausts can complement these power bands, adjusting them to your riding style, and adding additional torque.  

4 Stroke Complete System


4 Stroke Slip On

First you need to determine whether or not you want to go with a complete motocross exhaust system or a slip on muffler. The difference boils down to price & extra power. If you’re out racing, you’re better off purchasing a complete system, as the header is included with the muffler. The header adds more power as its shape is tuned specifically for the muffler, and you have some options where you want to add more power. For ex. the FMF Mega Bomb header will add more bottom end power, where the FMF Power Bomb will provide more top end power. The power curve change all boils down to the shape and length of the header for finer tuning of your machine. However, if you’re just a weekend cruiser looking for more power without breaking the bank, a slip on muffler will be the better choice for you. Additionally, 4 stroke dirt bike exhausts come in different materials – aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fiber. The tradeoff here is weight vs. durability. (and price) Dirt bike exhausts made from aluminum and stainless steel are cheaper, stronger, but heavier. Titanium and carbon fiber exhausts are lighter and they look cooler, but are more expensive and can become brittle over time. This makes them more susceptible to breaking in a crash. So, an avid racer trying to save every oz possible will definitely go the titanium/carbon route.  
Lastly, depending on your riding area, you may need a nature friendly exhaust. These dirt bike exhausts are specially made with a spark arrestor, along with quite inserts. Some riding areas require these items to legally ride!


4 Stroke Dirt Bike Exhausts

2 Stroke dirt bikes are a completely different animal than 4 strokes. Lean & mean are good words to describe a properly tuned 2 stroke. They’re light, fast, and the engine cc to horse power ratio is twice of that to a 4 stroke. Not to mention they’re super easy to maintain and rebuild at a fraction of the cost. To get the most of out your 2 stroke motocross bike, you’re definitely going to need a 2 stroke dirt bike exhaust. Similar logic applies to choosing  the right 2 stroke exhaust, with things to consider such as pipe/silencer combinations, material, and legal requirements in your riding area.

2 Stroke Pipes

Let’s start with the 2 stroke pipe, this is probably the most important aspect to ensure you chose the best dirt bike exhaust for your 2 stroke. 2 stroke exhaust pipes are sold separately, and you’ll typically want to purchase both for the best results. Think of the 2 stroke pipe like the 4 stroke header, the shape and size determine the type of power curve you’ll get. For ex, the FMF gnarly pipe is shaped to provide more torque whereas the FMF fatty, SST, and pro circuit pipes are shaped to increase power all around, with an emphasis on top end power. A woods rider typically requires more torque, where as motocross rider would want something like pro-circuit platinum or fmf fatty. Also note that some pipes are made of different thickness of steel. The FMF gnarly and Pro Circuit platinum 2 are thicker pipes to withstand more abuse. They’re heavier but stronger, and used in woods/endure/desert racing conditions.

2 Stroke Silencers

Next you’ll need a silencer, these are the mufflers that attach to the back of the pipe. These come in different lengths, again which play into the power band curve. The shorty silencers  are designed to give the rider super quick throttle response (torque) specifically for supercross like conditions. The longer silencers are designed for outdoor motocross type conditions. There’s also some silencers like the FMF turbine core 2 Q which come with spark arrestors and quite inserts.

You may be asking which brand has the best dirt bike exhaust for your 2 stroke? Hard to say, Mitch Payton of Pro Circuit, Donny Emler of FMF, and Bill Cervera of Bill’s Pipes are exhaust pioneers in the dirt bike industry and all make great products. The better way to purchase the pipe is to do some research and figure out which one will best suit your needs. We’re also here to help, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us! 805-777-7601

That just about wraps it up for motocross exhaust. BTO Sports also carries all the dirt bike exhaust accessories. Whether you’re looking for a wash plug, or new exhaust springs, we’ve got you covered!

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awesome fit and quality

Looks awesome and is typical fmf quality...sounds great....clean reving power through bottom to mid and still has same great ktm top end.
FMF - SST Pipe (Yamaha)

Love it!

Upgraded from Pro Circuit works pipe and R304 shorty. Had to re-jet that's how much of an upgrade this pipe is. Torque is increased right throughout entire powerband and when not in band. Get a moose carbon fibre pipe guard cause you don't want to harm this weapon. I bought a spare for the future. FMF struck GOLD man.
Pro Circuit - Ti-2 Shorty Carbon Kevlar/Titanium Silencer


I love this silencer! Same great sound and power as the pro circuit shorty but a truly factory look

Yoshimura - Comp Series RS-4 Slip On Stainless (Suzuki)

Good Buy

Nice ans simple to assembly on the bike.It looks great on my RMZ450 and also sounds good.
Pro Grip - Silencer Plug

Great Plugs

Great plug comes with the small strap.
Pro Circuit - Ti-6 Titanium Exhaust System (Kawasaki)

Awesome looking and excellent quality

I bought this full system for my 2014 KX250F and it is beautiful. I went with the titanium system because of how great the metal looks when it gets hot. The Ti system is a little lighter than the stainless steel/aluminum version but that means next to nothing for most people. The fitment is perfect and the install was very simple. It was shipped ve...