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Adventure Touring Motorcycle Luggage and Storage

Adventure Touring Motorcycle Storage Accessories

Adventure riding necessitates a bit more equipment than touring, so it’s important to have room for everything needed for a great ride. There are so many different shapes & sizes of motorcycle luggage that fit the needs of both light and heavy travelers. Storage options range from backpacks, to saddlebags, to duffle bags, to cinch bags. The choice of storage really depends on the terrain, duration and weather conditions of the ride. At BTO Sports we carry a wide variety of adventure luggage options that will keep gear organized and easily accessible.


Ogio – No Drag Mach 3

The Ogio No Drag Mach 3 is a great way to travel light. It has plenty of space to store essentials in an aerodynamic backpack. The pack was designed for racing use, but has many features that make it useful for touring and adventuring. The exterior shell of the Ogio luggage is hard and will resist impacts and abrasions which will protect everything inside. The Interior lining is soft, perfect for valuables like a tablet, laptop or smartphone. The shell is designed using aerodynamic principles to cut down on drag. The shoulder straps and back of the Ogio luggage backpack are padded, making this an especially great option for long rides. The backpack is also equipped with a helmet carrying strap which gives riders a hand free option to carry their helmet while off the bike.


 Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Adventure Storage


Nelson Rigg – Dual Sport Saddlebags

The Nelson Rigg Saddle bag is another great adventure motorcycle luggage option. It is less portable than a backpack or a tote, but provides more storage capacity. The saddlebags are strapped securely to the bike and straddle it on both sides. It fits on most dual sport bikes. The spacious main compartment can expand for additional room. The Nelson Rigg Dual Sport Saddlebags are equipped with external pockets that are great for storing tools, gloves and other quick access items. The zippers on the motorcycle luggage are made specifically for off-road use. The zippers are designed in a way that prevents dirt from slipping through. Each zipper is rubber coated, giving them a texture that is easy to grip while wearing gloves.


 Nelson Rigg Adventure Storage


Ogio - All Elements 5.0 Duffel Bag

The Ogio All Elements 5.0 Duffel Bag is perfect for adventure riding. The bag is super spacious, an ideal storage situation for long multi-day trips. Despite its large carry storage capacity, the All Elements have compressions straps that help to conserve the limited space on a bike. The straps also keep the duffel bag securely on the bike so it doesn’t slide around while riding or leaning. The Ogio All Elements 5.0 Duffel Bag gets its name from its waterproof construction. Its welded roll-top construction keeps the contents inside the bag dry from inclement weather. Carry a lot of gear can get heavy. This motorcycle luggage bag is equipped with a removable shoulder strap to make carrying easier when transporting the gear from the bike to another location.


At BTO Sports, We carry all shapes & sizes of adventure motorcycle luggage from all the best brands like Ogio, Nelson Rigg and Givi. Come check out our fast growing adventure section for lots of great deals!


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