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Men's Adventure Riding Gear

Men's Adventure Touring Riding Gear


Men's Adventure Riding Gear

Men’s adventure riding gear mainly consists of adventure helmets, gloves, boots, jackets, and pants. Adventure riding gear is very specific. You cannot just use dirtbike gear or even motorcycle gear. Adventure gear is specially created for adventure riding and can withstand the rigors of a dual sport ride. Brands like Fox Racing, Leatt, and Klim have most of your adventure riding gear needs when it comes to preparing for an adventure.

Adventure helmets are the front line defense for the most important part of your body. While ripping the trails or riding the street you don't want debris to be flying out your head without any protection. Dual sport helmets are made for a dual lifestyle of street and nature. Not only does your helmet need to have you ready in case you crash and land on the pavement but you also need a helmet that will prepare you for anything that the environment throws at you. Dual sport helmets are made for this type of life.

Another important piece of equipment is the adventure jacket. Not only are adventure jackets useful to protect your upper body but they can also hold things in their pockets. These jackets are sturdier than the usual motorcycle jacket because they have to go through all kinds of weather because you never know what kind of adventure you'll be going on. A dual sport jacket will have you ready for the street or the outdoors so be sure to choose one you like.

To go with your adventure jacket, adventure pants protect your lower body. Pants also have pockets to provide more utility to your ride. While motocross pants are suitable for the dirt track and a good pair of motorcycle jeans are suitable to go out and hit the pavement, dual sport pants need to be ready for anything. while riding you going to go through many obstacles that mother nature has for you so you want adventure pants that are comfortable, yet durable.

Adventure boots also serve to protect what your trip started with: your feet. Without the use of your feet you're stuck so make sure to protect them so you can accelerate out of any difficult situation that you come across. Since you will be riding out in the desert or mountain passes or up in snowy peaks or even just on the streets you will need a dual sport boot. Dual sport boots are the perfect hybrid for the adventure lifestyle you should be ready at a moment’s notice to go out or to just walk around casually.

Last but not least adventure gloves protect your hands, an integral part of the functioning of your adventure bike. You need your hands to twist the throttle so make sure you have gloves to protect your fingers from the elements. Frostbite and sweaty palms are just two of the conditions you want to battle against. Dirt bike gloves might be too flimsy and motorcycle gloves might be too rigid. A dual sport glove must be perfect for any riding condition that an adventure requires.

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