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Men's Dual Sport Jackets

Men's Adventure Jackets

Are you in need of a new adventure jacket for this riding season? Well take a look at the selection of Men’s Adventure riding jackets and dual sport jackets. We have a great selection of touring jackets from the top brands around the world so you are guaranteed to find one that suits your preferred style of riding.

 Adventure Jackets

Adventure Jackets, Dual Sport Jackets, and Touring Jackets

Whether you are looking for an adventure jacket that will battle against the rain or a jacket that will provide you with perfect airflow during the summer months, BTO Sports has you covered. Klim is one of the biggest motorsport clothing companies and they produce endless products to ensure you can do nearly any outdoor activity. Whether you are going on a backpacking trip, riding your mountain bike through the forest, or experience the back country by taking an adventure ride with your friends, they will have the equipment for you. Don’t get caught in a rain or snow storm unprepared and pick up one of these amazing Klim adventure jackets today!

Klim is based out of Rigby Idaho and set out to transform the way backpacking gear is produced. They were tried of letting poor weather conditions and situations limit their outdoor experiences, and began producing high quality outdoor clothing. BTO Sports is proud to carry their products and with our great selection of Klim dual sport jackets you too can experience the outdoors like never before. Whether you are an avid adventure or dual sport rider who doesn’t let the weather dictate when they can ride or someone who loves the sunshine and fresh mountain air, we have the adventure jackets for you.

Types of Dual Sport Jackets

Dual sport jackets are different from your typical riding jacket as they have unique features help combat cold weather riding, wet weather riding, or are designed with amazing ventilation systems for hot weather riding as well. Some of the adventure jackets and touring jackets that we have here at BTO Sports are the Klim Adventure Rally Jacket, the Blade Jacket, and the Apex Air jacket. Lets dive deeper and see what makes these jackets one-of-a-kind.

Klim Adventure Jackets

The Klim Adventure Rally Jacket is one of the highest end adventure jackets you can buy. This jacket has a ticket price of 1,699.99 making it one of the most expensive adventure jacket, dual sport jacket, or touring jacket on the market. Ever hear the saying “you get what you pay for”? Well that statement couldn’t be truer for this adventure jacket. The Exterior of this Klim adventure jacket is constructed with Gore-Tex 3-layer Pro Shell Armacor that is waterproof and has impeccable abrasion and tear resistant properties.

 Men’s Adventure Jackets

The Gore-Tex 3-Layer pro Talisman Superfabric has slide zones on the elbows and shoulders making it one of the most durable adventure jackets, as it should be! The Armor system that Klim has put into this dual sport jacket is phenomenal. It contains the D30 xergo shoulder and elbow pads, D30 Viper Pro back pads, all of which are level 2 CE Certified, and a ventilated silicon Dow Corning Deflexion chest coverage.

Not only does it have all of that, but this dual sport jacket has 10 external pockets to hold all of your valuables on your ride, 1 seam-sealed waterproof dry bag, an external hydration system pocket and includes a 3 liter Hydrapack reservoir with internal routing options so you can place your house in the position that is most comfortable for you. There is so much that goes into this jacket it is hard to keep listing all of its great features that make it truly one of the best.

Dual Sport Jackets

So maybe a 1600 dollar jacket isn’t necessarily in your price range, that’s completely understandable. The klim Blade jacket is marked at 300 dollars and is constructed with some of the properties as the rally jacket. This Blade Adventure jacket has the Gore-Tex 2 layer perfromacnce shell main body that is made with the highly durable, lightweight, and stretchy 500D Cordura Nylon overlays. The Cordura material allows this jacket to have these properties while giving it great breathability.

. This Touring jacket is equipped with protective armor that will keep your shoulders elbows and back safely protected just in case you hit the ground. The Armor plates that are in this jacket are the D30 Viper back pads and the D30 Evo shoulders and elbows, and yes these are level 1 CE certified. This adventure riding jacket has a great ventilation system that incorporates 2 armpit zippers, 2 biecep intake vents, and 1 back exhaust vent, so when the clouds clear and the temps rise you will be good to go!

 Men’s Dual Sport Jackets

Touring Jackets

Lastly, the Apex dual sport jacket is made specifically to keep you dry during the wet riding season and nice and cool when the flowers bloom in spring time. This adventure jacket incorporates the Gore-Tex 3 layer pro shell with a nylon constructed that is guaranteed to keep you dry. Aong with that, the 3M scotchlite material protects not only you, but the jacket itself from almost everything. Your jacket is literally scotch guarded for you.

Again, the Klim adventure jacket has the D30 shoulders, elbows and back piece so you can remain protected when you take a digger. The Ventilation system is probably one of the best as it has 2 outside oblique vent ports that can be engaged whenever you’d like, and 2 lower arm intake vents for maximum airflow.

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