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Kids Motocross Protection

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Youth Protection

At BTO Sports, we know that the bottom line in the dirt bike business is fun! While we have all the gear to keep your bike running smoothly, we also know that having the best protection for your body is critical to having a long, enjoyable life on the bike. And for the kids in our lives, this is even more important! We have all those critical Youth Protection motocross items to really enhance your childs overall riding experience. And due to the rough nature of dirt bike riding- these items are paramount more often than not! The need for replacing and upgrading youth protection items is a constantly ongoing process as our children grow. Luckily, youth protection items are widely available for kids of all ages… and you can bet that BTO Sports has got them! The Youth Protection we have here at BTO Sports is wildly popular and in demand, as they not only are almost assuredly less expensive here, but come with our legendary customer service- so you know you are getting exactly what is needed for your child to stay safe.! Chest protectors, neck braces, knee and elbow guards etc. are necessary products that are always going to be flying off the BTO shelves. Equipped with today’s latest youth protection items, you can feel at ease with your kids doing some riding on the tracks and trails. Kids will be kids- they’re going to be daring on their bike- so we have to do all we can to keep them as safe from harm and injury as possible!

Indeed, you can bet that at BTO Sports, we know the value of rider safety. It’s everything! And we also know that it all starts with protection from head to toe out on the tracks and trails. Today’s motocross rider needs the protection parts and accessories available to make their riding experiences long-lasting and memorable. Youth protection most of all is what makes the dirt bike fun happen. Get everything you need in that regard right here at BTO Sports.

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