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GPS Navigation Systems

Navigation Systems

Having trouble which destination to choose next? Let us help you figure it out with our navigation systems here at BTO Sports! We have a great selection of navigation systems

 GPS Navigation System

Motorcycle Navigation Systems

If you need some help finding which road to take, what backroad is going to get you out of the canyon or where in the world that hidden lake is deep in the mountains, well you’re in the right place because we have the adventure navigation maps for you. Navigating your ride can be a hassle at times, but with today’s technology it is easier than ever, unless you’re out of service. Technology, for the most part, is a reliable and can get you from point A to point B without any problems. Well take out the capabilities of being able to use your cellphone or other navigation devices, what are you going to do? Crank out the old school map, that’s what!

Most of the people today have no idea how to even read a map, well if you plan on going anywhere in this world that should be your first step in life. I am an avid dirt bike rider and even though I ride through the desert trails and don’t really need a map because I know the place I ride like the back of my hand, I find myself stopping to get my bearings. There are trail markers and signs with a map of the entire area, and to be honest, yeah I use them…that’s why they are there! These are not much different than your traditional map that you use for navigate county paved roads, highways, or freeways.

Navigation System

BTO Sports has you covered with the map collection from Butler Maps and the Giant loop tracker packer for DeLorme inReach. The map pack lets you plan your trip days before even setting sail, and will allow you to find some sick backcountry trails and mountain roads that will leave you breathless. These maps from butler Maps are waterproof, tear-resistant and include dual-sport roads as well. These maps are designed to keep you on the paved roads, they let you travel the entire spectrum of riding and will take you places you’ve never been.

 Navigation System

GPS Navigation Systems

We have a great selection of GPS navigation systems to choose from! From TomToms to Garmins, we will have you headed in the right direction every time you get on the bike. Navigation systems are one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to have on your motorcycle because unlike a car, you can just whip out your phone and figure it out. These Navigation systems and GPS navigation systems are a must have if you plan on riding up state, across country, or through other countries. You can always wing-it, which I have found to be some of the best rides, or you can plan out a ride, and make random stops and turns in directions you think are going to be cool. Regardless, it is highly suggested getting a GPS navigation system before you ride long distances.

We have the Garmin nZUmo 665LM gps navigation system that is compact and tightly fitted with amazing features that allow you to find the best route to your destinations. We have so many Garmin navigation systems that I can’t even name them all, but if Garmin isn’t your first choice, don’t worry we have others GPS navigation systems as well. The TomTOm Rider 400 GPS motorcycle navigation system is perfect for everyday riding especially if you commute on your motorcycle. There are navigation system accessories like the TomTom rider bike mount kit, and the anti-theft solution kit to ensure your new GPS navigation system will remain on your bike throughout your trip.

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