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Women's Adventure Base Layers

Women's Thermal Base Layers

Women’s adventure base layers are here at BTOsports.com. We have a great selection of women’s adventure gear to choose from so start shopping today. From women’s base layers to women’s jackets and adventure gear, we have it all!

 Women’s Base Layers

Women's Adventure Gear

BTO Sports knows that weather doesn’t always depict when our customers decide to go riding. We want our customers to have the best selection and options of riding gear like women’s adventure gear, adventure riding gear, and base layers to help them remain comfortable throughout their ride. With that being said, the selection of adventure base layers for women that we have here has everything you need to stay nice and warm on your ride. We have some of the best brands to choose from like Alpinestars, Divas, and Arctiva.

Alpinestars Women's base layers

Alpinestars makes a wide variety of base layer adventure gear to choose from like the Alpinestars Winter Touring Balaclava and the open-face balaclava. These two types of motorcycle adventure gear are prefect for wearing while you ride your snowmobile, go snowboarding or skiing, or just go out for a backpacking adventure through the mountains. Regardless of your activities, these Alpinestars balaclavas will keep your face and neck warm and toasty.

The Winter Touring Alpinestars balaclava is a warm, breathable moisture-wicking balaclava that is constructed from a stretch fabric material. This material provides the wearer with tremendous comfort all day long so they are never irritated or feel discomfort on their adventure. Along with that, this base layer is made with a full-face design with neck and shoulder covering that helps trap in the heat and defend against wind-chill. .

The Open-face balaclava has similar construction and features like the heavyweight, moisture-wicking material, stretch material, and slightly extended length for added protection against the cold and wind. The open-face design allows it to be the perfect base layer for various seasons.

 Women’s Base Layer Gear

Divas Women's Adventure Gear and Base Layers

Divas is another women’s clothing and outdoor gear company that produces various types of base layers and adventure clothing. Some of the adventure base layers that we have from Divas are the Subpolar mid-weight base layer shirt and pants, and the Tech Wrist Gaitors.

The Subpolar mid-weight base layer is constructed with various blends of materials for ultimate protection, comfort, and durability. This women’s base layer has an outter layer construction that is 88% polyester and 12% spandex whereas the inner layer is 60% polyester and 40% polyolefin. This makes the women’s base layer shirt incredibly comfortable while trapping in your body heat.This women’s adventure gear is made with moisture-wicking technology that helps keep the sweat to a minimum and the warmth to a maximum.

Don’t forget to get the set of Divas Subpolar pants to go with your new base layer shirt. This pair of base layer pants is made with the same blend of fabric material and same moisture-wicking technology so you can remain warm and toasty during the coldest temperatures.

The Divas Wrist Gaitors help keep the cold out from under your shirt and are made with the moisture-wicking technology to keep your skin warm and dry.Along with that, they have a blend of fabric that is 88% polyester and 12% spandex for ultimate performance and comfort. They have a soft, comfortable feeling to them for maximum comfort and are recommended for use when the temperatures are below 50 degrees. Check out all the women’s adventure gear and women’s base layers right here at BTOsports.com.