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BTO Benefits

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Accident Protection


Ride now, Pay later


No more lost, stolen, or damaged packages

What is Extend?

Extend offers additional product warranty coverage and benefits beyond our manufacturer warranty period, including:

  • Full coverage against accidents. For example, things that wouldn’t be covered by manufacturer warranty like burning a hole in your mx pants from your exhaust or breaking your sunglasses or goggles from accidentally sitting on them would be covered!
  • Fast and free product replacements
  • Hassle free claims process -- Over 95% of Extend claims are resolved in less than 90 seconds!
How do I add Extend protection?

When purchasing your product from btosports.com, you have the option to add 1, 2 or 3 years of extended protection during checkout or directly from the product page.

How do I file a claim?

Claiming your extended warranty shouldn’t feel like being dragged through the mud. To file a claim, simply go to Extend’s online portal or get help from a customer support representative at 877-248-7707.

Visit Extend for more information