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Motocross gear and dirt bike gear at BTO Sports

We know that you love dirt bike riding, and at BTO Sports we're on the same page. To us, it is the best hobby you can spend your time doing. It's exciting, daring, fun that makes you feel alive. To do things right on a dirt bike you need to do a lot more than just buy your bike and ride away. You need the right dirt bike gear to keep you safe, comfortable, and fast.

The kind of dirt bike gear you choose is truly personal. When you hit thetrack or the dirt, you're flying your own flag and showing everyone else what you're all about.

The best selection of dirt bike gear and motocross gear anywhere

Since only the best will do, you're going to love our selection. We carry so much dirt bike gear that even the most discriminating customer will find lots of great choices with BTO Sports. Browse our catalogue to find just what you're looking for. We are confident that you will even find that apparel and dirt bike gear combos you weren't able to find anywhere else.
Whether you're racing on a track, climbing sand dunes, or going totally off-road into the wilderness, we can hook you up with the motocross and dirt bike gear that will keep you safe. Shop BTO Sports and discover our full selection of men's, women's, and kids dirt bike gear. If it's out there, you'll find it at BTO Sports.

The basics of motocross gear and dirt bike gear

Dirt bike gear is critical, and not just to your safety. It's also a must-have for your feelings of confidence and security, and it is a core element of your experience as a rider overall. Stick with the sport long enough and you will absolutely see your dirt bike gear protect you from serious injury, and you'll come to understand just how much it minimizes your risks each time you ride.

Dirt bike riders encounter loose sand, grit, gravel, dirt, and even waterduring a normal ride. There are also all kings of other hazards to prepare for too, so you need boots, a helmet, gloves, and a jersey just to get started riding. Also if you already have some of these crucial items we also carry helmet accessories and boot accessories to help get your older sets up to par.

Dirt bike gear and motocross gear in focus

When it comes to motocross and dirt bike racing, and even casual riding, a helmet, boots, goggles, and gloves are absolutely the bare minimum when it comes to the must-have essentials. Jerseys and are pants are colorful and look cool, but that's not their primary purpose. They are also fairly critical to your safety; ask anyone who's ever had road rash and they'll tell you it's true.
Body armor protects you from falls, flying rocks, and other debris—which you can encounter even on a daily casual ride. It isn't mandatory, but it's a really good thing to have. Armor includes shoulder pads, chest protectors, and sometimes kidney protection. Along these same lines, knee and especially neck braces limit your range of motion and protect you from impact during serious impact. If you're competitive about your motocross and dirt bike racing you should consider this kind of protective motocross gear.
Knee guards and elbow guards protect your joints from the impact you experience from both everyday stuff like from debris and catastrophic events like crash landings. If you have an existing knee issue you might also consider investing in a knee brace to further protect your joint and limit its natural range of motion.

The best deals and advice on dirt bike gear and motocross gear for all riders

For the brand new dirt bike rider needing a full, safe set of dirt bike gear to get started, you need the right kind of advice. For the experienced rider ready for an upgrade, you know when it's time to update all of your dirt bike gear. And for a parent of avid riders who keep outgrowing their motocross gear, you know it's time but you need advice about the best options and deals.
Let us help you achieve the comfort level you want and the safety that you need. We can help you choose what you need and take the chance and extra expense out of your dirt bike gear purchase.

Getting your motocross gear and dirt bike gear right

There are so many considerations when you're looking for the dirt bike gear that's right for you. You'll be wearing it through your most important races, and just when you're out having fun in the sport you love. To find the right helmet, boots, gloves, jacket, and every other important piece of motocross gear, trust the pros at BTO Sports. Do not forget that we also carry a big selection of helmet accessories as well as boot accessories to go along with your motocross gear.
We love dirt bike gear just as much as you do, because we love to ride. Team BTO Sports is active in the sport, and we have decades of collective experience. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each brand, and we know what you're looking for when it comes to motocross gear and dirt bike gear. Contact the motocross gear professionals We are looking forward to helping you find exactly what you're looking for. Contact us today about dirt bike gear and motocross gear.

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