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Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Handlebars

Dual Sport Handlebars

Everyone is going to need a new set of handlebars sooner or later, so why not make an upgrade now. You can find the perfect set of bars for your dual sport motorcycle right here at BTOsports.com! Check them out below and start riding to your full potential.

 Dual Sport Handlebars

Dual Sport/Adventure Handlebars

Dual sport Handlebars come in a wide variety of bends, and sizes that are able to meet the standards of any rider. Here at BTO Sports, we have a huge selection to choose from that are manufactured from the top brands in the industry. We supply a lot of riders and racers with handlebars so they can get the most out of their riding experience every time they throw their leg over the bike. We carry some of the best brands in the industry like Pro Taper and Renthal, which are some of the most sought after brands in our industry, so you can get the best selection possible.

Renthal Dual Sport/Adventure Handlebars

Renthal is one of the biggest names in motocross and manufactures numerous products to increase the performance of professional race bikes, amateur race bikes, and the weekend warriors looking to get a jump on their competition. Renthal sponsors some of the biggest names in the AMA Supercross and Motocross series. Professional race teams trust their products and you should as well! Renthal was founded in 1969 by motorcycle and engineering enthusiasts Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal. In 1975, they entered the motocross industry with their revolutionary aluminum handlebars. As their success began to rise over the years, Renthal made history in 2004 as they became the first aluminum handlebar to become an OEM product for Japanese dirt bikes.

You can find their handlebars on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and even KTM dirt bikes (although KTM is an Austrian brand dirt bike). They now have their revolutionary 7/8” street road bars for dual sport motorcycles and BTO Sports carries them! These handlebars are currently on sale for 10% off so you can save a couple extra bucks for track fees. These Renthal dual sport handlebars are made to fit all standard sized triple clamps and controls and are made from aerospace aluminum 7010 T-6 alloy. They are precisely engineered for the best combination of strength and fatigue reduction.

They get their strength from the shot peened surface finish and the final anodizing process protects them against corrosion. It is recommended by Renthal to file down the clamping area when fitting your new dual sport handlebars. If you need help with understanding the bends here is a chart to look at, or you can give us a call and out tech guy will provide you with all the information you need to purchase the right set of dual sport/adventure handlebars.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Handlebars

Pro Taper Dual Sport/Adventure Handlebars

One of the other most trusted brands in motocross is Pro Taper. Pro Taper emerged from the depths back in 1991 and immediately became one of the most demanded products in moto. They have a mutual trust amongst professional motocross teams as they help provide some of the top teams with aftermarket parts like handlebars, sprockets, and chains to improve the performance of professional race bikes. Pro Taper doesn’t only make dirt bike parts; they also make dual sport handlebars like the EVO adventure Handlebars.

These dual sport handlebars are manufactured to a more exact rise and pullback specifications that give the rider a consistent and accurate feel. These Pro Tape Evo adventure handlebars are put through a series of independent lab tests that show they outlast ever other handlebar on the market in fatigue life. Pro Taper incorporates a unique coating on the inside of the tubing that increases the handlebars resistant to corrosion and the handlebar end plugs aid in increasing the longevity of grips. Get yourself the ultimate set of dual sport/adventure handlebars today!

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