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Adventure Touring Bike Covers

Dual Sport Motorcycle Covers

When you aren’t on the bike, give your dual sport motorcycle the protection it needs with a new Adventure/Touring motorcycle cover. These dual sport motorcycle covers will protect your bike from the sun and other weather elements. Check out the motorcycle covers that we have below!

 Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Cover

Dual Sport/Adventure Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle covers may not seem like a big deal at first, but once your seat starts cracking and your grips start melting, you are going to wish you had covered your bike over. During the summer, it only takes a couple minutes of exposure to cause damages to your motorcycle. If it is possible you should cover your bike in a shaded area to help prevent heat build-up that can cause your grips to melt down and become extremely sticky; this usually results in your gloves getting sticky and stained with residue that peels off of your gloves.

Covering your motorcycle can prevent this from happening, as well as protecting your bike from water damage during the winter months. If you live in Southern California, then snow isn’t really a factory for you unless you live in the high desert, or mountains, but rain is another whole other ball game. During the winter, especially this year, we experience a good amount of rainfall depending on your location. It is a wise idea to cover over your motorcycle with one of these multiple rain covers from BTO Sports.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Covers at BTO

We carry multiple different motorcycle covers so our customers can find one that will fit their motorcycle, and provide them with the protection they are looking for. It may seem like a pain to cover your motorcycle every time you get off the bike. Giving your bike the time to cool off before covering it may to seem like an ideal game plan, but what else are you going to be doing in 15 minutes? Give your bike some time to cool off so you don’t burn your cover on your exhaust pipe or engine, go back outside, cover your baby, and then go back to doing whatever it was you were doing. It isn’t hard, and it isn’t going to kill you.

In fact, not doing so may leave you heartache if you come out and find your bike has been damaged from the weather elements. Here at BTO Sports, we carry adventure/touring motorcycle covers, and dual sport motorcycle covers from top brands like Nelson Rigg, CoverMax, and Dowco.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Covers

The Nelson Rigg Econo Cover is currently on sale for 10% off and will fully protect your dual sport motorcycle. It extends down and over the front and rear tire of your bike to give it the ultimate protection against the weather and dust so you can have a fresh looking motorcycle when you decided to get back on the saddle. It is constructed from the durable RipStop material and soft PVC for ultra-protection and all the seams are heat welded to make it 100% waterproof. Even during the hot, breezy summer days, your bike will be protected from the sun without getting too hot thanks to the ventilation system. This Nelson Rigg dual sport motorcycle cover uses their exclusive “Cool Vent” system and comes with a 1 year warranty.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Cover

Adventure Motorcycle Covers

If you’re looking for a lightweight motorcycle cover to cover up your bike with, check out the CoverMax Standard adventure/touring motorcycle cover. It is lightweight, and weather resistant to ensure your bike will remain protected from the weather elements while it isn’t being used and the sewn in reinforced grommets will keep it secured to your bike until you take it off. It has an elasticized bottom to ensure a snug fit and keep it the dust out.

CoverMax also makes a motorcycle half cover, it you just want to protect your seat, handlebars and controls from the summer time sunshine. This increases their longevity and prevents sunbaked damage with having your motorcycle from getting too hot. It sits over your windshield and around the rear fairing which leaves the bottom of your bike exposed. Check out these dual sport motorcycle covers today!