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Adventure/ Touring Brands

Adventure/Touring is more than just a growing segment of the motorcycle community; it is a riding lifestyle complete with unique dual sport motorcycle, specialized Adventure/Touring gear designed for the hardcore riders among us and an unlimited number of destinations to choose from.

 Adventure Brands

Adventure Brands

Explore the places few people have ever seen, go to the places even fewer have ever been and do it all from the seat of your bike. That’s adventure! And that’s Adventure/Touring at its core. So, when you are ready to gear up and point your GPS towards the road less traveled then we invite you to check out this section of Adventure/Touring Brands. You will find all the gear needed to get your first trip started.

There's a good reason the Adventure/Touring section here at BTO Sports is one of the fastest growing genres on this site!. The allure of traveling off the beaten path to locations few people have ever seen is inspirational to say the least. After logging thousands of miles and meeting adventure/touring riders from all walks of life, we feel obliged to encourage aspiring ADV riders to climb aboard and experience the adventure touring first hand. On that note we feel it would be a great idea to offer up some tips, recommendations and suggestions that will make your transition from a rider to an Adventure/Touring rider, that much easier. So, here's an adventure touring checklist that we hope will help you be prepared for the big ride.

Dual Sport Brands

First up is the helmet! Like any other form of motorcycle riding- you’re going to need a helmet. And every form of riding has a unique set of needs met from their respective helmet. Adventure/Touring is no different. More than likely, the kid of helmet that will best suit your Adventure/Touring is the Dual Sport Helmets.

Dual Sport Helmets perform a vast number of functions, making them the Adventure/Touring standard. These are dirt bike style helmets with a visor, large chin vent and an eye port that is covered by a full-face style face shield. The extended visor serves the same purpose as a MX helmet, by allowing the rider to dip his head to protect your eyes from roost, debris and offer a reprieve from glaring sun. This style helmet is great for riding on or off-road thanks to the combination of visor and face shield, plus it offers better cold weather protection than a full-blown dirt bike helmet.

Another option is to go with a Dirt Bike Helmet. And here at BTO Sports, we have plenty of those! Hard-core ADV riders wear dirt bike helmets because their ultimate goal is to get off the beaten path. The open eye port requires the rider to wear goggles or sunglasses and as a result there is much more airflow coming in and they are the lightest option available. This is great for riding in warm climates or under strenuous conditions associated with man-handling these massive motorcycles off-road. While not as convenient as a dual sport helmet, the Dirt Bike Helmet will always be an appropriate adventure touring helmet.

Then there are Modular Helmets. Also known as the flip-up helmet, a modular style allows the entire front of the helmet to flip up and allow the rider's face to be exposed without taking their helmet off. Modular styles are usually a little heavy with all the extra joints and mechanisms but for many rider's the convenience of the flip-up front face is well worth the extra weight and cost. Some of the most popular Modular Helmets include: Schuberth C3 Pro, Shoei Neotech and Bell Revolver. But there are many others that will do the trick at a lower cost.

 Dual Sport Brands

Adventure/Touring Brands

Much like the helmet, you simply are not going to get a lot of motorcycle riding of any kind done without an Adventure/Touring jacket. The riding jacket might be considered the touring riders best friend. It is the largest piece of gear you will have and is the difference between you and a bad case of road rash. It also protects your body core from the elements and is a convenient storage sport for personal effects.

Since big crashes are not always the biggest concern it is important that an Adventure/Touring jacket be comfortable, fit well and provide plenty of ventilation while remaining waterproof and offering lots of compartments for your phone, iPod, wallet, etc. Most Adventure/Touring jackets will claim to be waterproof but the fact remains that few truly are so make sure to cover your jacket and other gear with a good coat of waterproof spray just to be on the safe side. Adventure touring jackets come in a wide variety of options too. Make sure you have comfortable armor in the elbow and shoulder area and an integrated spine protector wouldn't hurt either. Popular Adventure/Touring jackets include: Tourmaster, Olympia, Revit, Klim.

Street boots like the Sidi Tour Rain and Power Trip PT100 are an example of a high end and entry level street boot. If you plan to spend any time off-road then you should consider a more traditional dirt bike style boot. The Gaerne Balance Oiled boots have become one of the most all-around popular Adventure/Touring boots. Other great options that we see Adventure/Touring riders wearing on a regular basis include the Alpinestars Toucan, as well as the Sidi Discovery. All three of these boots are high-end boot options for ADv riders who plan to spend a lot of time off-road.

Adventure Touring Products

There are many styles of Adventure/Touring gloves and we have yet to find a glove that does it all. For that reason it is recommended that you dress for the ride and the unexpected. A lightweight standard riding glove is great for logging many miles in good riding conditions but it's nice to have the option of switching your Adventure/Touring glove if the conditions dictate it. A good set of cold-weather or heated Adventure/Touring gloves is a welcome addition your find yourself facing cold weather. A light ventilated Adventure/Touring glove will allow your hands to breathe if you are in extremely hot conditions like those found in Death Valley or other warm regions.

And these are just a few of the basics! To get you fully prepared for an Adventure/Touring trip, please peruse this section and get a feel for the items that are most critical to your particular adventure! The staff here at BTO Sports wants to help you be full prepared to hit the open road and find the satisfaction that comes with getting to your destination, and having a blast doing it.

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