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Dual Sport/Adventure Handguards

Dual Sport Handguards

Check out the dual sport/Adventure handguards here at BTO Sports. If you plan on riding through thick woods, muddy trails, mountainous single track trails, and the city streets, it is a great idea to protect your hands and handlebars with a set of handguards. Check them out below

 Dual Sport Handguards

Dual Sport/Adventure Handguards

Handguards are one of the most useful dual sport accessories you can get. They ensure your protection against roost, rocks, and other debris you may encounter when transitioning from the city streets to the dusty trails. Along with the protection, they also give your bike a couple extra style points if that is something you care about. BTO Sports has a great selection of handguards for dual sport and adventure motorcycles so shop now!

We have been at this motocross thing for a while and have learned a lot about what riders need to ensure their safety on and off the trails. Whether you are a dual sport rider who sticks strictly to the streets, or one who rides the dusty trails, we will help you get the gear and parts to increase your protection, as well as your motorcycles. Handguards are easy dual sport accessories to install and take minutes to do so. We have a couple different styles of handguards here at BTO Sports such as the Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards, and the Acerbis Multiconcept X-Strong Handguards.

Acerbis Dual Sport Handguards

Acerbis makes a wide variety of motorcycle accessories that will give your dirt bike or dual sport motorcycle the appearance of a factory race bike. Pros trust Acerbis to help protect their bike and so should you. Here at BTO Sports, you will find a great selection of Acerbis dual sport parts, dirt bike parts, and more! As far as handguards go, you can find the perfect one for your dual sport motorcycle with a few clicks of the mouse. The Rally Pro Handguards are one of the more popular ones for desert and dual sport riders as they protect your hands from roost, rocks, and other debris. They do so courteous of their high-impact, composite injection-molded outer guard that goes all the way around the handlebar

It connects to the end of your grip and attaches just to the front of the brake fluid housing, and vice versa on the clutch side. They are built with an anodized aluminum inner guard that is strong enough to deflect some of the gnarliest of roost and rocks away from your hands. Acerbis upgraded the mounting system that prevents these dual sport handguards from slipping and rotating so you can ensure the will stay in place when you need them most. They are available in a wide variety of colors so you can make your bikes main color, or use them to bring out the smaller paint details throughout your motorcycle.

 Dual Sport Motorcycle Handguards

Dual Sport Handguards

BTO Sports also has the Acerbis Multiconcept X-Strong Handguards that are currently on sale for 10% off. With great savings like these, there is no reason to pass up such a deal. These handguards include the mounting kit so you can install them with easy and get back on the bike in no time. They are constructed from a special anodized aluminum alloy and the reinforcement bar is incredibly durable to deflect the roost and rocks that are shot your way along with the trees branches you may encounter on those tighter mountain trails. These dual sport handguards have shields that are molded with polypropylene to increase durability and decrease weight. Purchasing a set of these should be a no brainer.

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