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Butler Maps Adventure Touring Navigation

Butler Maps

There are many types of motorists out there, many of whom view their bike as a way to get from point A to point B. And maybe that works for some riders. But there are many others who see their bikes a vessel for exploration. Butler adventure maps are made precisely for these kinds of riders, who have a passion for life on the road. In the internet age, physical maps have fallen out of favor for turn by turn navigation. The riders at Butler feel that there is something special about holding a map, trying to find your way in the world, and maybe even getting a little lost. Butler maps try and recapture some of that adventure that technology has eliminated.


 Butler Motorcycle Maps


Butler Motorcycle Maps

The team at Butler Maps are just as passionate about riding as their customers. They scour the entire country for the best routes for motorcycles. Butler motorcycle maps divide the routes into easy-to-read annotated section. Their maps include scenery, points of interest, motels and diners, all of which are recommended by other motorists. Their maps are waterproof and tear resistant so they can withstand the open road. A map won’t ever run out of batteries or break like a GPS. Butler maps offer a number of different routes, focused mostly in the western United States. Their motorcycle maps fold up neatly and can be put into a map holder or window on a tank bag.


Butler G1 Series Motorcycle Maps

The Butler G1 Series motorcycle maps are a great tool to plan out your next adventure. They highlight the best stretches of paved road that adventure riders will drool over. Each map is waterproof and tear resistant, which will help them survive repeated trips through inclement weather. Butler motorcycle maps highlight roads for dual sport bikes that off-road bikes can take advantage of. Each one of the Butler G1 Series Motorcycle maps are loaded with great features like seasonal weather profiles, indication markers for points of interest, rating systems for the most scenic stretches and QR codes to stay up to date on route conditions.


Butler Maps Master Collection

The Butler Maps Master Collection includes every annotated map that Butler has ever made. This is a must have for adventure motorists looking to travel every backroad and desert highway across the United States. There are a wide variety of maps, stretching from Southern California to New England, Washington to the Ozarks. Each map is printed on waterproof and tear-proof material that will never run out of battery or shatter like a mobile device. Anybody can plug in a GPS and ignore the beautiful scenery around them. The Master Collection also comes with a handy canvas case that will keep all the maps in order


 Butler Maps Master Collection


At BTO Sports, we have a number of different adventure navigation options for all types of riders. We have the newest GPS tech and old school motorcycle maps that motorists can use to plan out their ride.


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