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GoPro Adventure Cameras

GoPro mounted camera was bred out of necessity for a camera that could fully capture an athlete in action. GoPro has been making their eponymous cameras for fifteen years, and show no signs of stopping. Since the first prototype, GoPro has expanded into the software industry. By doing this, they can better support their customers, while entering into new markets. They have carved out a niche in the motorsport world with their motorcycle helmet camera. That’s because the GoPro camera affords athletes a hands free option to record themselves in action from a first person perspective.


GoPro HD Hero 4 Silver Edition


The adventure camera can shoot in 4K video resolution and 1080p at 60 frames per second. It can also double as a 12-megapxel camera, capable of 30fps burst shooting. It is equipped with an extreme wide angle lens for an immersive point of view. The high speed lens is able to stop down to f/2.8 for wide open shooting and shallow depth of field. It also features white balance control and an auto-focus mechanism for a more accurate shooting. The camera can shoot videos and photographs simultaneously without sacrificing quality. The Hero 4 has Wi-Fi capabilities, which allows the adventure camera to connect to other devices. Riders can upload their images and videos quickly to other devices. It also enables the camera to be controlled with the GoPro mobile app.


Aside from the camera, The GoPro HD Hero 4 Silver Edition has many great features. This is the first ever GoPro adventure camera that has a built in touch screen display, making controlling the camera settings a lot more convenient. The GoPro included a helmet mount that gives riders a wearable, hands free recording option. The mount moves and pivots to allow the rider to better position the motorcycle helmet camera. The Go pro is great way for riders to share their experience because of its easy-to-use interface and its professional grade hardware. The adventure camera is super lightweight preventing the camera from becoming a burden when mounted on the riders’ helmet. Its small size, durability and waterproof casing making it the perfect adventure camera for adventure riding makes it perfect for adventure riding The motorcycle helmet camera is powered by a rechargeable ion battery.


 GoPro HD Hero4 Silver Edition


Sena Pack

The Sena Pack is an adapter set for the GoPro Hero3. It affords the camera Bluetooth capabilities. It allows the motorcycle helmet camera to connect to Bluetooth headsets to capture audio. This enables riders to narrate their videos, capture sound for a more immersive experience, and control the camera through the use of voice commands.



The GoPro has many different accessories that a rider would ever need with the motorcycle helmet camera. A rechargeable battery pack increases the amount of time a rider can record. The wifi remote gives the rider another option to record video without having to remove the camera from its mount. Speaking of mounts, there are quite a few different mounting options for GoPros depending on the riders preference.