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This product has been discontinued

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This product is no Longer Available

Atlas - 2017 Broll Neck Brace (Young Children)

Product Code: atlas-broll-brace-2017

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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 Atlas - Broll Neck Brace (Young Children)

Designed for the youngest of motocross riders, the Atlas – Broll Neck Brace (young children) is the newest member of the motocross Atlas family. It is specifically designed for young children who are beginning to take the risks that make this sport dangerous. The Atlas – Broll Neck Brace (youth children) is slightly smaller than their Tyke neck brace, and incorporates a neck brace with a neck roll to provide maximum comfort and support. By incorporating both types of motocross Atlas products into one, it allows for a tough and flexible neck brace to provide an immense amount of comfort to the front pads. No one wants their child to be uncomfortable on the bike especially if their expensive gear is the root of their problem. Not only does the Atlas – Broll Neck Brace (Young Children) provide your grommet with impeachable protection, its comfort levels are rooted by it being extremely lightweight. As Atlas says, the Atlas – Broll Neck Brace (young Children) is “featherweight, just like junior.” This motocross Atlas neck brace weighs in at 375 grams (0.8 pounds). Although it is small in size, it has features that make it big in protection. It comes equipped with spine free back supports, Jr Smart Mounts for adjustments to ensure a secure fit, CNC machined aluminum rear axles, and high performance waterproof padding. Available various colors, your pride and joy should have no problem picking a color they love.




  • Hybrid polymer/padding construction

  • Purpose built for small children

  • Sits around the spine

  • Padded front helps absorb low speed impacts

  • Jr Easy Open release system

  • Jr Smart mounts - 2 settings

  • Youth chest strap

  • Weightless 375g (0.8 lbs) minimalist design

  • Available in one size

  • In the box: Broll, youth chest strap, quick start guide, tape measure, sticker sheet

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