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Choosing the perfect ATV helmet for your ride is essential for your protection. ATV helmets are the single most important gear you will ever purchase.

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By wearing ATV riding helmets , you can rest assured your head will be protected, should you take a spill on your vehicle. This is not the time to go cheap and get lackluster protection. For the best helmets for ATV, there are certain criteria you need to look for. A helmet for ATV should be lightweight, yet durable. Your ATV helmet should be approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and should have a Snell rating. This ensures your ATV helmet has passed the rigorous guidelines for safety and performance to be suitable for off-road, on-road uses that have high impact scenarios waiting in the distance.

When choosing ATV riding helmet , you can choose full face or open face. Most riders prefer full face ATV helmets, because they offer better protection from injuries and the elements. For the best in comfort, make sure the ATV helmet you purchase offers opening and closing vents, so you can adjust them according to the temperature outside. Although ventilation plays a vital role in providing a comfortable helmet, it is not the most important. Deciding which helmet is most comfortable for you and more importantly which will protect you the most, is the one that fits the best.

There should be no wiggle room for your helmet, and it should (at first) sit nice and snug on your head, and slightly pushing against your cheeks. This may seem uncomfortable at first, but as the helmet pads break in your helmet will loosen up and provide you with a perfect fitment. The more the helmet wiggles, the more your room your brain, and head, have to travel before impact and the helmet will not be doing its job at the point. Whether you move side to side or up and down, that helmet should move with you by the millimeters. The best helmet doesn’t necessarily rely on price, it relies mainly on the fact of which one fits you best. ATV helmets are no different than Motocross helmets as the makers, design, and pretty much everything about them needs to be identical to provide riders with a protective helmet.

ATV Helmets with MIPS

BTO Sports offers a wide range of ATV helmets available from trusted names, like Fox, Troy Lee Designs, Fly Racing and more. Although these are some of the top brands within the industry, they are not the only ones; 6D and Bell Helmets are some of the most sought after helmets currently on the market and are so for great reasons. There is new technology that can be incorporated in various helmets that make it better than the rest, but the newest technology that has surfaced within helmets is the MIPS technology system.

MIPS is a multi-direction impact protection system that deviates the stress the brain undergoes during high impacts. The helmet moves slightly within the shell to lessen the blow in high stress areas of the helmet to help cut down on the amount of concussions, brain injuries, and damages to the head during the event of a crash. This technology is being incorporated into helmets like Bell, Fly, and other brands to increase the safety of motocross riders across the board.

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Fox ATV Helmets

Fox Racing and Shoei are obviously two of the biggest and best manufacturers of edgy, motocross and ATV helmets in the world, and you know that here at BTO Sports we stock them! And as fate would have it, both brands are readily available right here in the more often than not!

With Fox helmets you know you are going to get quality. Fox Racing has incorporated the MIPS helmet system in their new V3 dirt helmets. These fox helmets also have a multiple composite shell that come in three different shell sizes. These V3 fox helmets also have eleven intake scoops and four exhaust vents which maximize airflow. Fox Racing also made sure to align their EPS liner with the vents to allow for full air circulation. Fox helmets show off a creative design to catch eyes at the track or on the trails. We cannot say it enough; you know you are getting quality when you decide on one of these V3 Fox helmets.

Shoei ATV Helmets

Shoei helmets are another great option for ATV use. The Shoei VFX-W Maelstrom Helmet is the result of many research and development hours refined by Shoei’s top athletes. Some of them include Windham, Grant, Strang, and Abbott. The Shoei VFX-W ATV helmet features many new concepts and designs which sets the VFX-W family apart from the rest of the motocross helmets. Shoei takes great pride in their products, giving them unmatched fit and finish. If you’re looking for a new helmet, the Shoei VFX-W Maelstrom ATV helmet will keep you in style while keeping you safe. Shoei is one of the most reliable helmet companies on the market! Please, don’t cut corners while protecting your head- Go Shoei!

Shoei's quest for perfection has come to this - the VFX-W. State-of-the-art features in every detail make the VFX-W the pinnacle of performance, comfort, and safety. The extremely rigid and light weight outer shell is made from AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-fibers). A remarkably comfortable fit can be achieved due to the four outer shell sizes and four sizes of EPS liners. And a semi-dual liner with extractor-exhaust vents maximize the ventilation effect of the VFX-W. Talk about comfort! Off-road riders and experts agree, this cutting edge helmet is simply one of the best ATV helmets on the market. Period!

ATV Helmets

ATV riding is some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping fun you can have, and it's very safe overall—but only if you're wearing the right gear. When you're thrown off your ATV, and sooner or later you will be, you need the right ATV helmet to avoid serious injury. You won't have a seatbelt or anything else standing between you and a head injury, so your four wheeler helmet is essential.

Some people seem to think that ATV helmets are just an extra, and that if you're not a speed demon you don't need one. However, that's just not true; even at slower speeds, a fall without an ATV helmet can turn into a serious tragedy or even a deadly accident. Don't tempt fate; make it your policy to never ride without your four wheeler helmet.

ATV helmets aren't all work, either. Their stylish and fun designs can mean they're part of the play experience as well. Even if you choose your four wheeler helmet based on it's cool looking graphics or colors, if you buy it here from BTO Sports you can be sure you're getting years of technological safety advances, maximum comfort, and a great price.

What's the best way to come away from a crash? With just a few bruises and nothing more than sweat on your head. To ensure that your head doesn't suffer from the impact of a crash, your ATV helmet should feature the seal of approval from the Department of Transportation (DOT). We also carry four wheeler helmets with the rigorous approval system of the Snell rating. Bottom line: you can trust our ATV helmets to guard your most important asset.

Four Wheeler Helemets

Check out our wide range of ATV helmets. You'll love our selection because we stock a huge variety of four wheeler helmet models from industry leaders for men, women, and youth. The best helmet for you is a truly individual decision, and that's just one of the reasons we keep so many choices in stock. From Bluetooth technology to lights for night riding, and a major array of cool ATV helmet accessories, BTO Sports is the best place online to find four wheeler helmets.

Still have questions about ATV helmets? Browse through our selection now, and hit us up with any questions. We are committed to service and we know you're going to love our online shop. Take a look around, and you’ll understand why BTO Sports is your one stop shop for ATV helmets online.

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