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Looking for some great deals on JT Racing ATV Gear? Is a new ensemble always on the list, but somehow never bought due to high prices or lack of availability? BTO Sports has some of the best available prices on JT Racing ATV Gear to be found anywhere on the net. We are constantly adding new deals on high quality JT Racing ATV Gear to this section, so you can regularly find incredible prices on this industry favorite.

JT Racing has been doing MX and ATV gear for decades! By the mid-‘70s, JT Racing’s growth mirrored that of the extreme outdoor motorsports itself – meteoric. JT Racing offered all manner of innovative and increasingly stylish ATV riding gear, including gloves, pants, goggles, jerseys, face guards, air filters, gear bags, chest protectors, shoulder pads, casual wear and posters. It’d also signed some of the world’s fastest racers to wear its gear, including 500cc World Champion Heikki Mikkola, USGP winner Gerrit Wolsink and 125cc National Champion Marty Smith. Now, race fans and enthusiasts could not only cheer on their favorite riders, but wear the same gear their heroes wore. JT Racing ATV Gear knows no bounds.

The trend continued well into the ’80s – true glory years for JT Racing. In 1980, Chuck Sun won the 500cc national title. In ’81, Team USA won its first of 13 successive MX des Nations titles, the entire team – Laporte, Sun, Hansen and O’Mara – outfitted in JT gear. In ’82, LaPorte won the 250cc world championship, with Hansen taking the 250cc outdoor and Supercross titles. In ’83, JT introduced the revolutionary V2000 and V500 chest protectors, which Bailey wore en route to the 1983 Supercross and 250cc outdoor title. Bailey continued his assault on the 500cc national championship in ’84, winning it outright while wearing JT’s radical new ALS-1 helmet. And if the big-time motocross boys rock JT Racing, imagine the power of JT Racing- ATV style!

Innovation. Style. Champions. The combination had worked flawlessly for nearly three decades, and had transformed JT Racing into the world’s dominant motocross gear company. But things change, and in 2001, John and Rita Gregory sold their esteemed company and retired, sending the JT Racing brand into hibernation for a decade. “When I left JT Racing to work for ESPN in the mid -90s,” remembers David Bailey, who’d been a designer there after his career-ending crash in ’87, “I sort of thought the brand would soon be dead and buried- which it was for a long time. The latter 1990s weren’t kind to JT’s motocross efforts. But it seems you can’t keep a good company down. This brand is strong, and it still resonates.” Time for the next chapter in the JT Racing legacy- While wearing JT’s radical new ALS-1 helmet. JT Racing has it all for any off road riding or racing application!

JT Racing ATV Gear carries on this fine tradition that started with their stable of pro riders. All at a cost that makes owning JT Racing ATV Gear easier than you would imagine. The savings are constantly being passed on to our customers here at BTO Sports, because we know that value is what the customer wants most, and frankly what the customer deserves.

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