ODI grips invented the Lock-On Grip system. This innovation really changed the way that ATV grips get installed and secured. To this day, this technology sets the standard for all grips all over the world.


ATV Grips

When it comes to grip technology, ODI strives to be the world leader. ODI grips are known for their use of extensively researched proprietary compounds which have been tested by top athletes all over the world. That's how you know your ODI grips will give you the maximum durability and comfort possible.

You can also take pride in knowing that ODI grips are designed and made right here in the USA. The brand has made the conscious choice to nurture relationships with domestic suppliers as part of their ongoing commitment to bringing the very best products to market.

 ODI Grips for ATVs


At BTO Sports we carry ODI grips for every rider. Choose from ODI ATV Ruffian Grips, ODI ATV Cush Grips, ODI ATV Rogue Grips, ODI ATV Lock-On Extreme Grips, ODI ATV Lock-On Ruffian Grips, ODI ATV Lock-On Rogue Grips, and ODI ATV Lock-On Half Waffle Grips. We stock a wide array of colors in the non Lock-On models and you'll love the prices on each grip we carry.

At BTO Sports we always have something in common with our customers: we share a love for riding and off-roading. If you have questions about ODI grips or anything else you need to make your ride everything you want it to be, let us know. We are here to help.

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