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 Ogio Backpacks

Ogio Backpacks

These beasts feature hard PU shells, sleek designs that don't scratch your bike or your helmet, ergonomic shapes, and awesome looks. They're also comfortable, easy for riding long distances, thanks to the extra foam packed inside them strategically both for the comfort of the rider and to protect the bag's contents from the elements. Even the strongest wind shear is no match for the single-shot molded exterior of many Ogio backpacks, which won't bend or get deformed—or succumb to the elements. Ogio backpacks also commonly feature reinforced foam padding and fleece lined interiors, both of which offer better air circulation and improved comfort.

Ogio Motorcycle Backpacks

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There are days when you'll need to ride and bring things with you, and that's where Ogio backpacks come in. Ogio backpacks are stylish and well-designed, featuring heavy-duty fabrics and multiple well-placed compartments to handle everything you need to bring along for the ride. As you're shopping for backpacks to wear on your dirt bike or motorcycle, you're looking for less drag and more space, which is exactly why Ogio is such a great choice.