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    O'Neal - 2018 Element Racewear Jersey, Pant Combo (Womens)

    Product Code: oneal-element-racewear-combo-womens-2018

    Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

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    O'Neal 2018 Element Racewear Jersey (Womens)

    The O’Neal Element Racewear Women’s Jersey makes a return for the 2018 season! This women’s dirt bike jersey has been completely revamped for an all new look & feel. Fans of the previous Element Racewear jerseys will definitely like this new version. This O’Neal women’s dirt bike jersey is available in a pink & black colorway, which is pretty traditional for feminine riding gear. O’Neal dropped the flo-yellow accent color between models which gives it a cleaner and modern look. The shade of pink is a touch lighter which also improves the overall aesthetic. The new Element features the O’Neal logo angled across the chest and the year “1970” to remind riders they’ve been doing this awhile. The logo is written down both arms and appears on both shoulders of this O’Neal motocross jersey. Colored pinstripes fade down the length of the torso and down the back. This women’s motocross jersey is specifically designed to fit female riders.


    The O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey isn’t just a good looking jersey. It has a bunch of cool features that make it a great motocross jersey for riders of all skill levels. The most important feature is the breathability that the polyester material affords. Riders will notice right away how light & breathable this womens dirt bike jersey is which makes it perfect hot days in the summer or desert. The O’Neal Element Racewear Womens Jersey is also moisture wicking. The fabric pulls sweat away from the skin of the rider, which helps the perspiration to evaporate. This has a cooling effect on the rider. These two features work in tandem for unbeatable hot weather relief. Comfort is an important factory when selecting a motocross jersey. That’s why the element is lightweight, so it never feels like it’s weighing you down. The unique V-neck collar affords better synergy with helmets and neck braces. Speaking of protection, this dirt bike jersey has padding sewn into the elbows. This gives riders and extra layer of defense against abrasions and impacts.

    O'Neal 2018 Element Racewear Jersey (Womens) Features:

    • Breathable, moisture-wicking material
    • Jersey weight 9.3oz (size L)
    • Sublimated graphics
    • Extended tail that keeps jersey tucked in
    • Sewn-in elbow padding
    • V-Neck collar


    O'Neal 2018 Element Racewear Pant (Womens)

    The O’Neal Element Racewear Pant is back and better than ever! The popular O’Neal dirt bike pants have been revamped for the 2018 release! Fans of previous Element Racewear pants will definitely like the newest version. These women’s dirt bike pants come in pink & black, which is pretty traditional for female riding gear. The shade of pink is a bit lighter than last year’s design. They also dropped the hi0viz yellow accents which gives the entire gear set a better look. As far as the design is concerned, the 2018 women’s O’Neal pants feature a large logo across the thigh and knees. The women’s motocross pants mirror the pinstripe design used on the Element jersey, and are meant to be worn together. In addition to the graphics, the overall fit of these pants received an upgrade as well. The legs now have a more tapered design for a more athletic fit. The cuffs are lined with elastic so they don’t run up your leg mid-race.


    These are more than good looking pants. The 2018 O’Neal Women’s Element Racewear Pant is a full featured dirt bike pant with tons of great qualities. They are made from sturdy polyester fabric that does an excellent job resisting tears and abrasions. Wear resistant panels are located in strategic areas like the seat and knees, which extends the life of the pants. Despite the heavy duty material, these motocross pants are very light weight. This goes a long way to ensure riders remain comfortable. Speaking of comfort, these pants have special ventilated panels so the riders’ legs can breathe and stay comfortable. Like the jersey, the pants are moisture wicking. The pants draw moisture away from the rider and use the vented panels to get rid of excess perspiration. These O’Neal women’s motocross pants really are the perfect combination of comfort and protection. The pants have rubber patches that provide a decent amount of built-in protection to guard against bumps and bruises. The dirt bike pants are equipped with a number of other features, like the waist adjuster. The waist uses a ratchet closure that creates a snug fit to keep the pants from riding up.


    • Heavy duty but lightweight denier fabrics provide the perfect combination of comfort and protection while riding
    • More durable, wear resistant panels on: seat, inside of legs, and knees
    • Lighter weight, more breathable panels, positioned away from bike contact points
    • Stretch panels in key points on the front, back, and knees of pants for great freedom of movement
    • Elastic waist with adjustable ratchet closure system for a secure and snug fit
    • Protective rubber patches for extra protection when crashing
    • Tapered legs with elastic cuffs for a snug fit