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Rigid Industries - 1x2 65 Degree DC Scene Light

Product Code: rigid-industries-dc-scene-light
Rigid Industries - 1x2 65 Degree DC Scene Light Zoom

Rigid Industries - 1x2 65 Degree DC Scene Light

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65 Degree 1x2 DC Scene Light

Tired of pitch black disabling your ability to work, play, or hangout in the desert, at the track, or wherever the road will take you? Rigid Industries and BTO Sports have your back because here at we offer our customers the Rigid Industries DC Scene Light. These lights are small, lightweight, extremely durable, and can pack a punch. Eliminate the hassle of working in the dark when you are in the desert motorcycle riding, camping at the beach, or out back in the barn/stables, with this awesome 1x2 65 degree DC Scene light. This LED light comes in two different colors, black and white, so you can hide it as best you can when mounting it; along with the 2 housing colors you also have the choice of choosing which type of light color you would like as well. Choose between clear or amber lighting to light the night and keep the party going! The 65 degrees of light is wide enough to allow you to work in comfort outside of the trailer and ditch the old traditional flashlights. All you need is a flat mounting surface for these puppies to live on and BAM! You are good to go for years of lighting.

DC Scene Light Features:

  • 65˚ Horizontal Spread X 69˚ Vertical Spread
  • Flat Mounting Surface
  • Available with Cool White or Amber LEDs
  • 9-36 V DC
  • IP68 Compliant
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Housing