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Motocross Gloves

It's almost universal: if you wipe out on your dirt bike, you'll put your hands out in front of you. It's human instinct, and most of us can't help it. This means the track, dirt, sand, or whatever you're riding on is going to tear up your hands if you're not wearing good dirt bike gloves. When you think about how critical your hands are in your everyday life at work, home, school, and everywhere you go, it's obvious how important it is to protect them. Your hands are central to your ability to survive, whether you work in an office typing or build things. Even trying to feed yourself or use the restroom becomes a test of will without your hands, and a bad crash can damage them permanently, rendering them totally useless. Even if you already know that MX gloves are a must, you might not know which kind you want or need. There are lots of styles and brands of dirt bike gloves out there; how should you go about choosing if you're not really sure what you're looking for? Educate yourself about the differences in fit, style, and features from motocross glove to motocross glove before you decide. And don't hesitate to reach out to the pros for help! We are here to answer your questions.

Why buy dirt bike gloves?

Sometimes people are so eager to get out there and hit the road that they are tempted to cut corners. They figure MX gloves just aren't worth the price when they can buy thick leather work gloves at the hardware store for $20 that work just as well. Don't be fooled! Those work gloves don't work just as well—in fact, they're not even close. Motocross gloves have an array of features that are designed to work together towards two common goals: protecting your hands from the elements and environment as you drive while allowing you to stay comfortable and in control; and protecting your hands from impact and injury in case you wipe out. Work gloves, no matter how thick, can't do those things. Motocross demands a high level of hand dexterity, and this means that dirt bike gloves are designed for high levels of both protection and flexibility. Look for motocross gloves with stretchy textiles in the areas that move and tough, reinforced main chassis areas. Because full range of motion in the wrist is important, most MX gloves feature a short cuff. The palms of dirt bike gloves are always reinforced, and many have padding. Most styles of MX gloves are perforated or vented to allow for air movement and drier hands. Some motocross gloves also feature built-in knuckle armor. No matter which features you're looking for, at BTO Sports we've got the right dirt bike gloves for you. Browse our selection of motocross gloves today.

BTO Sports offers the widest range of motocross gloves, dirt bike gloves, ATV and street bike gloves from all the leading brands, including Thor, Troy Lee, No Fear, O’Neal and Fox.

Motocross and dirt biking gloves are important because they help keep your palms dry and allow you to obtain a secure grip while you are riding. Whether you ride street or dirt, you definitely want to protect your hands from scratches, scrapes, abrasions, cuts, scuffs and burns – especially if you want to be able to use them for non-riding functions too. Motocross and dirt bike riding gloves not only offer important protection from debris, but provide additional padding on the top of the gloves, to ensure total hand protection.

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